Complete Guide to Email Marketing and How to Plan a Campaign

Complete Guide to Email Marketing and How to Plan a Campaign?

Small businesses or online sellers face an obstacle to finding a cost-effective way to market their brands. Email marketing is one solution. A strategic email marketing plan that promotes and grows your business increases revenue, and helps your business sell more is key, regardless of whether you are launching a new business or already operating successfully.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs among all forms of marketing, averaging about $36 back for every $1 spent. But ROI isn’t the only reason why you should invest in email marketing. There are a number of reasons why you should invest in email marketing. Let’s dig into learning all the what, why, and how in this quipped email marketing guide.

What is Email Marketing?

A powerful marketing channel that uses email to promote a business’s products or services, email marketing, combined with direct and digital marketing. By integrating it into your marketing automation effort, you can inform your customers about the newest items or offers. 

Different forms of marketing email can also play an important role in generating leads, establishing brand awareness, building relationships, or maintaining customers’ interest between purchases.

A marketing technique that uses email to promote a company’s products and services in addition to encouraging customer loyalty. 

Email marketing is an effective marketing technique to advertise new products, discounts, and other services to customers on your targeted email list. Additionally, it can serve as a way to educate your audience on the value of what you’re selling and keep them interested between purchases. Or, it can serve as anything in between.

What Are the Advantages of Email Marketing?


Comparing email marketing strategy to mainstream marketing channels, email marketing has an obvious advantage in terms of cost. Billboards, magazines, and TV channels are not charged for exposure, nor are their print or postage costs associated with them. 

Marketing firms may want to think about automation, tracking, and evaluating their emails with specialist software. Even though there is an overhead associated with sending thousands of emails at once, affordable email marketing costs much less than what you would expect to pay for other marketing avenues. 

A Boost in Website Traffic

Another advantage of email marketing is driving traffic to your website. Embedding relevant links to your website into your email can enhance its effectiveness. As well as using email campaigns to drive customers to other useful content on your website or blog, you can also use them to get them to interact with other forms of content.

Local design schools could send emails about their new design classes to let them know that there are only a limited number of seats available. 

It is likely that many of their current customers and potential customers would not have had the chance to attend this class if they hadn’t revisited the website in time. By filling all the seats faster, instead of waiting for reservations to trickle in, the design school can fill all the seats more quickly.

To engage your customers to share your content across their own social channels, including social sharing buttons in your email communications.

Customized and Targeted Content

Someone wants to avoid reading an email that sounds like it was blasted out to a bunch of people. Why would they do that? Who benefits from it? Absolutely no one.

Email marketing can send highly personalized content to your customers by segmenting them into different lists based on their preferences.

In addition to writing the right subject lines, choosing images and content that resonates with your customers, and including valuable content that helps them, email marketing for small businesses is the perfect vehicle for making your customers feel special.

Better Customer Relationships

By providing customers with the information they need directly into their inboxes on a consistent basis, a well-versed email marketing campaign can help build customer relationships. Whether you help them improve their lives with your product or service, helpful tips, or even just a “happy birthday” gift coupon, they will recognize and appreciate you as a valuable resource.

When the time comes for them to get your services, they will first think of you when they need information and value from your business.

Create Authority

Running your own business means that you want to be perceived as an expert in your field. You need to establish that position so that customers see you and your business as the authority.

Customers subscribe to marketing email newsletters because they want to learn more about what you’re doing. Keep them engaged with the content you send, and you have one of your biggest wins as a marketer. 

A content marketing strategy allows you to build other parts of your email advertising strategy around your most valuable marketing tool. The more great content you produce, the more likely people will sign up to view it.

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Technology like email hasn’t changed much in decades. This was one of the very first digital methods of communication to arrive back in 1971. You may not believe this, but email marketing – nearly 50 years old – is more popular today than it has ever been.

A phrase like ’email is dead’ is occasionally thrown around in marketing echo chambers. You shouldn’t believe it. Email is only becoming more popular. See for yourself:

  • The number of global email users in 2019 was 3.9 billion (source: Statista)
  • Email marketing increases customer retention according to 80% of professionals (Emarsys)
  • Over 80% of American users check their email at least once per day, with more than a quarter doing so several times per day (Fluent Inbox Report)

The figures indicate a clear preference for email as a channel of communication in B2B marketing. A lack of email marketing efforts will result in missed sales opportunities and lost opportunities to strengthen existing customer relationships.

What Is the Difference Between Transactional and Promotional Emails?

CharacteristicPromotional EmailTransactional Email
Format of the messagePromotions, giveaways, announcements, deals, new products, invitations, third-party offers, and other exclusive contentShipping notifications, receipts, account updates, and password resets are all essential information for customers to know
Call to actionCompleting a conversion or making a purchaseThere is typically no direct call-to-action, but there are opportunities for cross-selling, feedback, and sharing
ImplementationSend these emails as triggered messages whenever you have an offer to share or a promotion to hold, considering your target audience, segmentation, and cadence.These emails can be set up as triggered messages that are sent in response to a customer action or inaction.

How Does Email Marketing Help Small Businesses?

Small businesses are uniquely positioned to benefit from email marketing since it can determine how they want to portray themselves. Through their efforts, they can build trust with their customers without having to rely on a large corporation. They are also better able to build trust in the community than large corporations.

Today’s consumers are increasingly responding to biologically-based approaches, whereas unsolicited generic email is losing favor and falling out of favor. For small businesses that have limited budgets and time, keeping track of your email address, brand name, and your customers’ personal information is one of the most important practices to adhere to when using email marketing.

In this regard, you should think about how you can get your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, a successful email marketing campaign doesn’t require extensive technical skills or a large team. 

Many types of email marketing software offer templates that make creating campaigns easy. Even beginners will find this software to be easy to use and intuitive.

The ability to measure email marketing results is one of the most significant benefits for small businesses. It shows you the open, click-through, and conversation rates of your emails. With this kind of information, you’ll gain a wealth of insight into what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t.

Final Takeaway

Ultimately, you need to communicate consistently with your customers and prospects. In today’s business world, that’s what you have to do. Through email marketing, businesses can satisfy their customers’ expectations and more by creating a mutually beneficial relationship with their subscribers. If email marketing still seems a bit daunting, you can always hire email marketing services to make the best out of your marketing strategy.


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