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Google Adwords – PPC

Our in-house algorithms and tools will ensure the best results with Google Adwords to get high-quality traffic at optimized ROI.

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LinkedIn Ads

Advertise to specific verticals and job functions with LinkedIn ads. Ideal for client acquistion for B2B scenarios.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Target users based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Re-market to website visitors with rich targeted messaging.

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Mobile App Engagement

Promote your mobile app – drive downloads at low cost using Adwords, Facebook Ads, and specialized mobile ad networks.

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YouTube Ads

Promote your products and services using YouTube. Get your message out to a wide audience at an effective cost.

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Shopping Campaign – PLA

Use Google's Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to drive online sales. Multi-channel e-commerce campaigns with funnel optimization.

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Domains We Cater To


Utilizing PPC strategies to drive targeted traffic, increase sales, and maximize revenue for online retailers across niches.

B2B Services

Crafting PPC campaigns tailored to generate leads, increase brand visibility, and facilitate B2B interactions and conversions.


Implementing PPC tactics to enhance patient acquisition, promote medical services, and increase appointments.


Developing PPC campaigns to boost student enrollment, raise awareness, and drive conversions for academic institutions.

Real Estate

Creating PPC campaigns to generate leads, showcase property listings, and facilitate sales and rentals for real estate agencies and agents.

Hospitality and Travel

Creating targeted PPC campaigns to drive bookings, increase occupancy rates, and promote travel destinations, hotels, and resorts around the globe.


Implementing PPC strategies to generate leads, drive dealership traffic, increase vehicle sales and service bookings for automotive businesses.

Legal and Professional Services

Crafting PPC initiatives to increase client acquisition, promote legal services, and enhance visibility for law firms and professional service providers.

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Marketing Head


Increase In
Organic Traffic


Increase In
Goal Completion

Cheenti has a multifaceted approach to improving every aspect of online presence. We saw significant improvement in a short amount of time, they understand what good SEO takes, and they have been a pleasure to partner with. Very thankful for their work!



Tenant Landlord Lawyer


Increase In
Organic Traffic


Increase In
Goal Completion

I heartily appreciate the efforts put in by the entire team at Cheenti. There was a vibe of hardwork and innovation throughout the process. They consistently brought comprehensive strategies, execution, and ideation to the table for our website along with a stronger overall marketing strategy. Throughout the process, they were really communicative and kept me in the loop. I highly recommend Cheenti to businesses that want to experience their growth.



Digital Head


Increase In
Organic Traffic


Increase In
Goal Completion

Team Cheenti at Elixir did a good job and we were quite satisfied with the work executed by them for our website revamping. The services and dedication to their clients are great and the account managers and the team respond quickly. We recommend Elixir to all colleagues and associates seeking services in Digital activities and website designing.

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Compelling Ad Creatives
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Continuous Optimization
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Transparent Reporting
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