Our Colony

Thoughtful Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Incredible TeamWork, Impeccable Honesty, Confidence, and Transparent communication skills are some of the key characteristics of ants and people in our colony subscribe to all of these as some of our core values.

Meet the leaders below…

Mohit Sareen (CEO)

Ant Man

Ya Ya we know that ants have Queen & not a king but we coined our brand name after we started the company there is no way our founder will go through a sex change operation.

Mohit Sareen has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 22 years, a father of 4 children – 2 human boys, 2 dog girls and husband to a super amazing lady. He is extremely passionate about enabling businesses and brands through the power of internet. He is not just creative but highly analytical with a strong belief of measuring whatever one does. He believes, “whatever gets measured, gets done”. A wildlife enthusiast, an amateur photographer and a singer, In his leisure time, he is either travelling to wild life sanctuaries shooting nature or creating music with his band. He is popularly known as Jungli CEO for his unique travel networking venture in the industry. Apart from Digital Marketing and Advertising, his other ventures include education & training, Executive search, e-commerce, mobile and software development, travel networking and corporate gifting.


Our mission is to be the first choice in our industry that is synonymous to bringing a positive impact on organizations, brands and professionals by improving their online visibility, communication, reach or ROI through our brand consulting, digital marketing, creative communications or technology services with a focus and promise of high integrity and customer delight.


Our vision is to become an integrated digital and creative communications agency with a global footprint by digitally transforming at least 10,000 organizations, brands and professionals worldwide helping them create strong relationships online with their target audience using the power of the internet.