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Among all digital marketing tactics, email marketing is the most effective in generating leads. Approximately $7.9 billion was spent on email marketing in 2020 and is expected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027.

The numbers demonstrate how effective but affordable email marketing is for reaching huge audiences through the power of simply sending an email message. Email marketing messages have the potential to contain promotional information such as information about new products or services, advertisements, and offers and discounts.

Integrated with sophisticated campaign management tools, email messages can be linked back to your website and monitored for click-through rates, Return on Investment, and other factors that define the success of an email campaign.
So, how do you leverage email marketing in your business strategy?

Cheenti is an email marketing service provider based in the United States that is known for its reliability and performance. You can reach out to your target audience in the most effective manner by using our robust and persuasive email marketing campaigns.

You can rely on our email marketing professionals to understand your specific requirements, conduct thorough research, and assist you in drafting persuasive, creative emails that generate positive responses.

As the best email marketing service, we customize our services according to your specific needs- whether generating new leads, converting existing leads, or simply confirming payments/subscriptions for your leads.

Why Should I Invest in Email marketing?

Email marketing offers brands many opportunities for targeting their audiences and collecting valuable data. Email Ads that are planned and personalized for specific demographics are appreciated by customers, as it remembers why they joined the newsletters and ensures consistent content.

When on-site marketing promotions as an online retailer, email marketing is an extremely effective method, you can make the most of these opportunities by sending engaging campaigns containing attention-grabbing banners to encourage users to click through.

Email campaigns not only help you boost sales, but they also help you build stronger customer relationships at a relatively low cost.

Email marketing is generally a low-cost method of marketing, but there are a variety of email service providers available to suit any budget. It depends on whether a brand wants to send a large amount of emails or if it wants to stay within a certain mailing list size.

Purchasing a subscription or bundle entails no additional costs for a brand, which makes it easy to communicate repeatedly with their audience. High returns can be generated if bulk email marketing services are used in conjunction with targeted content and a clearly defined dispatch timeframe.

Another advantage of email marketing is that performance can easily be tracked and measured. Data collected from tracking codes in the email can also be accessed through Google Analytics, allowing businesses to easily analyze email performance over time and figure out which campaigns were most successful.

Many email marketing specialists offer useful reports for understanding how your campaigns are performing. This allows you to identify any issues with the design or functionality of the communication and highlight products that are particularly interesting to your users.

A brand that is knowledgeable about its target market has a better chance of gaining new subscribers and building brand loyalty.

Anyone with an email address can sign up to receive communications from brands. A signup form can be designed with several fields that provide a mailing list with information about each customer. An organization can use mailing list data to better understand their audience’s demographic and tailor their future actions to fit their actual audience rather than their perception of it.


Email marketing for small businesses

It is crucial to allocate marketing dollars in a strategic manner regardless of the size of a company. Especially for small businesses with limited budgets and unique requirements, this is true.
Small businesses need to ensure they’re seeing multiple benefits from marketing at the same time, especially if they spend every penny possible. Small businesses lack the budget or luxury to run multiple simultaneous campaigns covering different kinds of media. The key to success is a return on investment.

An effective method for reaching out to customers, growing their customer base, and building their reputation is email marketing for small businesses.

Small businesses can benefit from email marketing in countless ways. The bottom line is, email advertising is extremely cost-effective while offering exceptional results at the same time. Your business will grow, your brand will be built, and you’ll establish yourself as an expert all at once without breaking the bank.

The process of creating an email marketing campaign is easy regardless of your level of experience, so you can spend more time on your business and less time worrying about marketing details.

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Why choose Cheenti’s email marketing services

Email Marketing Specialist

Our b2b email marketing company consists of highly skilled and experienced email marketing specialists, making us one of the USA’s most trusted email marketing companies. We will do all the work for you, from conducting primary research to developing engaging emails.

Extensive Knowledge of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been Cheenti’s specialty for over two decades. As an experienced marketing team, we have worked with small businesses, global companies, and B2B companies to understand better their audience’s demographic and have substantial knowledge in various niches.

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Personalization is a priority

With our bulk email marketing services, we take care of tailoring your communications for your client’s individual needs and preferences. We strive to make your customers feel as if they are the only ones your company cares about. We strive to create a great customer experience through effective marketing communications to earn your customers’ loyalty.

Tests of A/B and multivariate campaigns

We at Cheenti do more than just create and launch marketing email templates and newsletter designs. The subject line, send schedule, and email content of your email marketing campaign are all tested to maximize performance. As a result, we can determine the best way to market to you using web email.

Helping Businesses Grow Since Last 2 Decades


The hard-earned money you spend on email marketing is important to us. Our experienced team ensures you receive the best possible return on your investment through our affordable and flexible email marketing campaign services. It’s also more affordable than other advertising platforms to send an email to a customer in this manner, unlike other media.
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clear and timely reporting

Clear and timely Reporting

You can use our services for more than just creating an email marketing campaign. A detailed report of your campaign’s performance and effectiveness will be provided to you on a periodic basis. We assist you in ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses of your email marketing campaign based on the responses you receive, the traction you get, and the sales you make.

List segmentation tailored to each client

As an email marketing service, we recognize that the best method for each client will vary based on our clients’ needs, demands, and desired audience. In fact, we perform extensive market research and use sophisticated email marketing software to correctly segment your audience list so that the right emails are delivered to the right recipients at the right time.

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Email marketing strategy is economical. You can build credibility through email marketing for small businesses by staying in touch with your customers and keeping them informed. Your business will gain more trust when people know more about it and hear more about it.

Email marketing offers your company the opportunity to gain revenue. Approximately $38 in revenue can be expected by companies who use email marketing effectively, and this is according to one of the best email marketing services, ConstantContact.

  • Making an Email marketing cheat sheet.
  • Establishing your goals.
  • Building their email list.
  • Choosing the type of campaign you want to send.
  • Creating your first campaign.
  • Measuring their results.
  • Advocating for email templates.
  • Advocating for email templates.
Rather than sending individual emails to customers, a business-to-business email marketing campaign targets businesses. Focus on tailoring your message based on the business persona. B2B email marketing campaigns should be designed to position the brand as an industry thought leader.
In B2B sales, you will typically find that the buyer wants to be familiarized with your product or service first by reading guides on your industry and other useful materials. You can nourish your B2B leads by sending them appealing content via email with the help of email marketing services.