11 Useful SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

11 Useful SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

Every website owner wishes to rank high in the search results. If you want Google to notice your website, you will need the right tools and strategies.

The best WordPress SEO plugins can help your site’s performance, security, and loading time, as well as boost your search engine ranking. How can you tell which plugins perform as claimed and which should be avoided?

The right kind of WordPress plugin can make a big difference to the effectiveness and performance of your website, while bad ones can hurt search engine optimization.

To keep your site from turning into an SEO disaster, you must first understand why WordPress SEO plugins are so important. Next, we will discuss 11 of the best SEO plugins for your website.`

Things You Must Know About WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools

Several dozen tools are listed when researching “best free WordPress SEO plugins” or reading SEO WordPress tips.

For beginners and non-technical users, this can be quite overwhelming. Getting higher search engine result rankings does not require the use of dozens of top SEO tools.

Unlike other blog posts (including our own), marketers emphasize the importance of understanding the use-cases of each SEO plugin and will cover the top three most popular tools.

The first thing you should avoid doing, for example, is using more than one effective WordPress SEO plugin on your website. Make sure you pick just one, so there are no conflicts.

Here, we will share which tools we use every day in our business and the best features of each tool. We’ll mention SEMRush, Ahrefs, and a few others. Since they have similar features, you won’t need to use all of these tools initially.

Let us now look at our selection of the best SEO plugins and tools we have found.

11 Useful SEO Plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO

WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast are some of the most popular, not by accident. There is a great deal of flexibility in handling various types of content.

Various things can be checked, including titles, meta descriptions, and keywords. Moreover, Yoast’s user interface is intuitive, even for beginners. The advanced menu can be used for those already familiar with the tool.


Redirection can be downloaded free of charge from the plugin repository of WordPress. Using redirects, visitors won’t get a 404 error message if they’re forced to a new URL from a retired one.

The plugin makes it easy to manage 301 redirects by allowing you to manage them right from your WordPress dashboard rather than hard-coding them into the HTACCESS document.

Plugins constructed with Redirection are easy to use, receive regular updates, and are secure. This plugin offers 301 redirect capabilities and facilitates reporting errors on other servers, such as broken links (404 errors), including the methods used to access the error.

Broken Link Checker

A website’s performance is affected significantly when broken links are present. Search engines are confused and unable to track your website and rank your content properly when they encounter them. Additionally, your readers may be left with a negative impression.

Therefore, internally and externally, finding and fixing broken links is very important.

Regardless of the size of your website, this WordPress plugin will accomplish the task. It finds broken links on your website, and it identifies images that are missing.


MonsterInsights enables you to track analytics and performance, so SEO is impossible without them. The plugin works with the WordPress dashboard, linking Google Analytics to WordPress dashboards and making it possible for you to get actionable insights into your website.

If you use Google Analytics, you don’t have to write any code to install the tracking script, and you will be able to see exactly how people find and use your website and a content report showing which pages are most popular on your website.

Without ever having to access Google Analytics, MonsterInsights allows you to look at your data easier and more streamlined.

Rank Math

A second excellent SEO plugin for WordPress is Rank Math. It helps you optimize your website content. With this tool, you can get insights into your content in real-time without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

The use of snippet previews can also improve meta descriptions and titles, making it less likely for search engines like Google to display them incorrectly. 

Unlike other plugins, this one has been optimized for better speed so that it won’t slow down the performance of your website.

Furthermore, Rank Math now supports IndexNow integration. Thus, the plugin informs search engines when you make changes, such as publishing new content, deleting content, redirecting content, etc. So there is no waiting around for Google to find you again!


It is common for people to post comments about other people’s websites on social media sites. Some will reply with links to their sites, including keywords to increase their search engine rankings.

Installing the Anti-Spam plugin prevents that since it filters spam comments and only allows the real ones to pass through. It works beautifully, by the way.

WP Super Cache

The speed of the page has become an important ranking factor. You can improve web page speed by using the WP Super Cache plugin. Installation of the plugin and enabling caching are all you need to do. The WP Super Cache plugin handles the rest.

This plugin can test the loading speeds of multiple web pages on your website using tools such as GTMetrix or Pingdom Tools.


SEOquake takes a different approach than most of us are accustomed to. An extension for Google Chrome is used to conduct the analysis, allowing you to perform an SEO analysis without going to a dashboard.

As well as checking internal and external links, exporting the analyzed data and using KPIs, it is possible to create them.

Squirrly SEO

Users who aren’t SEO experts will benefit from this SEO plugin, WordPress. The plugin makes your content more user-friendly. Using this tool could improve your ranking on search engines and attract visitors to your website.

There are various features available, including:

  • Stats related to SEO;
  • Audits of SEO;
  • Website’s best keywords.

  Furthermore, Squirrly SEO can be used in conjunction with Yoast. This means that the content is SEO friendly and can be published immediately when the tool shows it as totally green.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Although it is not as popular as other tools, the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant plugin for WordPress is an excellent choice.

The tool requires an account in SEMrush, which you can create for free. You can only access one template from the free plan, so upgrading to the premium plan will give you more options.

Content is reviewed by the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant, which rates it on certain criteria, such as being SEO friendly. Your content will be improved for search engine marketing based on the text suggestions you see on that page.

Using keywords can suggest related options based on their relevance.

Final Takeaway

SEO plugins for WordPress have become a necessity for any WordPress website. We hope that this material was useful to you and that you will use it to further your knowledge.


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