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We maximize the return on your pay-per-click investment by bringing you qualified leads.
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We Deliver Leads, Not Promises, With Our Paid Search Campaigns.

Our goal at Cheenti to help you trim the useless clutter and make sure that your paid search strategy generates more return than it costs. We deliver unmatched returns on investment for every campaign we launch. We're always two steps ahead of the competition because we optimize each campaign daily.

Maintain Better ROI For Every Campaign Or Account with Cheenti.

Advantages of Professional PPC Management Services

Our team analyzes your website deeply to ensure top rankings in search engine results and on various devices.

Accurately target ads

Create campaigns that are tailored to specific segments of your audience and target them more accurately.

Obtain Leads That Convert

Reach high-quality leads and reach the top of the search engine results for your business.

Enhance Your Competitiveness

Create a brilliant bid strategy to gain a tactical advantage over competitors.

Maximize ROI and reduce CPA

Cost per acquisition (CPA) should be reduced, revenue should be increased, and ROI should be maximized.

Take Advantage of Eminent Charlotte Ppc marketing

Hire our reputable and secure Web Development Experts to master the web for you!

A Proven Method for Pay Per Click Management


Your campaigns will get results knowing that data nerds are crunching your numbers and reviewing them tirelessly.


Together, we develop a strategy that has worked for our previous clients. Every strategy we develop is custom-tailored to each client.


Success looks different to each of us, so we discuss it together. To determine how we will execute our strategy, we will identify key metrics together.


We handle it all. Taking a holistic approach to marketing, we enable your business to reach its goals by understanding your target market and clients.

Develop & Test

Following the creation of an action plan, we begin building accounts. To protect your advertising investment, we continually test and retest.


Our team keeps an eye on your campaigns once they're live and regularly makes the necessary changes and updates.

Collaborate for a proven track record with the right search team.

Services for Charlotte PPC Campaign Management

Setup of Campaign

Our PPC campaign management experts can help you select the best channel for your campaigns and set up &manage your paid ads.


Would you like to reach a more targeted audience on Google and Bing? Search Ads targeted to your audienceare the ideal solution for you.


Having trouble ranking because of a Google Penalty? Looking for ways to make your ads more effective? Let ourPPC agency conduct a PPC audit for you.

Ads for local

Local Service Ads can help you connect with potential local customers who are looking for your services. Instead ofpaying per click, pay per lead!


When it comes to effective marketing, native ads are a favorite of brands and businesses. As the leading PPCManagement Agency, we know the value of native advertising.

Advertisement on
social media

Utilize a customized social media advertising strategy to advertise on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, andFacebook.

Get the best PPC consultant in Charlotte,North Carolina from Cheenti!

Why Choose Cheenti as your Charlotte PPC Agency?

Our team analyzes your website deeply to ensure top rankings in search engine results and on various devices.


PPC marketing team holds notable years of experience and has assisted a varietyof Charlotte businesses to become more successful over time.


The best approach is multichannel marketing, despite paid advertising'seffectiveness. Using our paid media and SEO services, so you can maximize your results.


With our Web solutions, you can give your users a great experience. Optimizing yourlanding pages for speed and mobile-friendliness is a part of our process.

Google Ads

Our team includes certified experts in Google Ads. The objective of our experts is tomaximize your return on investment by carefully designing and optimizing your campaign structure.

Get Visibility for Your Next Charlotte PPC management Campaign

A powerful SEO strategy increases organic visibility, traffic, and conversions through a comprehensive approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the different experiences on desktop and mobile, Google search results differ from one another. While desktop searches have more time to browse, they have less time to search as per mobile local SEO. Users can take their time studying the different listings and reading the information because of the long time they have to devote to viewing them.
Consider improving the user experience and website design as with mobile. As a result, search engines reward sites that are easy to navigate and read, resulting in a higher level of quality and useful information. The page speed of websites must be according to mobile site optimization.
  • Responsive Web Design is Key to Success.
  • Provide easy access to the information people seek.
  • Get rid of ads that block text.
  • Speed up your website as much as possible.
  • Simple Web Design is Best.
  • Ensure that your button sizes are big enough to be usable on mobile devices.
  • Make the fonts large.
  • Hire a mobile site optimization company.
You can perform all basic tasks in WordPress using the backend (since version 3.8) which is a completely responsive website aligned with SEO for mobile phones. It might even be worth considering writing long-form content on a tablet (phones, less so).
Our mobile SEO strategies maintain white hat standards, which are targeted at producing long-term results instead of short-term gains. In fact, we see time and time again where other agencies produce quick results for their clients, but the results disappear once those short-term tricks become obsolete. To ensure your performance is safe in the long run, our mobile SEO agency stays on top of the latest trends in search engines.