SEO for Startups How to Grow Business Organically

SEO for Startups: How to Grow Business Organically

SEO for startups is a hardly discussed sector for digital marketing. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the most potential channel behind the failure of startups at leveraging.

About 50% of the venture capital gets raised for the startups to enter the ads instead of building organic traffic. The issue, people, dislike the ads.

The other issues, about 68% of the online experiences start with organic searches, meaning that most people go to Google to check out things, while only 6% of these searches result in click-by-ads.

The significant other 94% enters into the organic results.

If you are not ranking for organic searches, you miss the massive opportunities to convert potential customers and expand your startup SEO.

In our post, we will go through ways to grow your startup and get customers with the help of SEO, local SEO, and content marketing.

What is SEO for Startups?

Other than a significant scale of a challenge, it is nothing. Google never cares whether you are a startup, a prominent financial institution, or a small retailer online. All it cares about is connecting with people based on content relevancies for every search query. The requirements of SEO for startups are generally the same, containing the globe’s biggest brands and search engine that wishes to check out similar things from you like any other business.

The scale of challenge creates a world of difference here. You need not have the resources for the larger businesses; however, your focus is to expand instantly and start competing with the prominent in the industry.

For several startups, getting enterprise SEO on a smaller business budget will compromise a few. The issue is that Google never accepts compromises regarding search optimization, and you must get every aspect spot on. 

The sooner you start getting things on track, the faster you start building self-sustaining SEO strategies that do not return for biting you in the budget later on.

Why is SEO Important for Startups?

Building an audience with SEO tips for startups that do not cost you any penny, gets influenced by paid ads. People who voluntarily start to check the site daily or even weekly are the captured customers who linger around for a long time, checking the values of the products and services since you have ranked higher in the organic rankings on Google.

An SEO company that optimizes the website for relevant keywords for your business, and aims to rank at the top position on Google for those keywords is worth paying than paying money for advertising to people.

Organic search traffic is a highly potent form of traffic since it is reliable, long-term, and free.

It is why startups need to be serious about their SEO when done right, as it is the best marketing strategy for them in the longer term and leads to higher rates of conversion traffic.

It is the main factor for any digital marketing agency’s strategy. In reality, we have checked several campaigns return for 10X in just one or two years of their implementation, and none of the other marketing methods comes near to anything.

What is the reason behind it?

A small startup requires all the help it can get in the initial months. Starting early gives them an upper hand when it comes to optimizing their website & striving for more business. 

Surely, suppose the startup is the next Uber, Airbnb, or Dropbox. In that case, you are certainly receiving great attention with word of mouth and pressing to grow organically through social sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and several other networks.

However, it is not the case here, as you must start by ensuring that the site is designed for growth and you have started attracting the right audience.

Digital marketers use the best SEO for startups to ensure their site is showing up in Google or other search engine results. It is mainly considered white hat marketing, where you are playing by a set of rules by search engines to enable you to rank higher in the results.

Your site must be ranked at number 1 according to the keyword relevancies since Google gets used by 90% of every web user. Consider SEO to become the long-term marketing strategy that pays off once the people start visiting your site, linking them to sharing the content.

Why Should Startups Invest in SEO?

If you are still unsure about whether SEO is right for you or not, here are three main reasons why you must consider investing in an SEO plan of action to take your business to new heights. 

Reason 1: Due to the Trend of Macro

Millward Brown Digital and Google conducted a study in 2014 on the research and every purchase habit among B2B decision-makers. The study showed that 71% of the B2B researchers started their research with generic searches instead of brand searches. 

As already mentioned by Google, the customers are in search of the product and not you!

Reason 2: People Search for Your Business and Services

People are likely still searching for it even if the product is in the niche, for it is in one way or the other. Listing your product and creating a better plan to take it forward through SEO can reap innumerable benefits in the long run. 

Reason 3: Since You Derive Free Organic and Scale It

Although SEO is never free since you have to start investing in optimization and content creation, you need not have to pay for each user and visit, unlike other paid methods like Ads. 

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Tips for Startup SEO

The following are the best steps you should take to drive organic traffic from the targeted audiences:

Do Keyword Research

Keywords considered the foundation of SEO for startup businesses. With the proper keyword research and following the ideal on-page SEO practices, you can enhance the existence of every web page appearing on top of Google for competitive terms and create every other piece of content, keeping in mind the optimization.

Keywords considered the terms that define everything about your content. It is always the best at optimizing every blog post you start publishing or pages you are creating for primary keywords, along with including the ones so that it is ranking the synonyms too.

It is always an innovative option for picking long-tail keywords with at least three or more words with less competition, and you can rank faster. Google always recommends that you should write content for your reader.

It means knowing the user intent and publishing the articles to answer the searcher’s questions. People often use highly descriptive queries now, which is why long-term keywords work so well.

Analyze the Top Ranking Pages for Your Selected Keywords

The process explained thus far known as spying on your competitors, which is what the SEO agency for startups continuously does. It does not involve stealing and is natural; however, offering greater value than the competitor and ranking the web page for the specific keywords higher than where they are.

By getting this done, you can expect a notable boost to your traffic in just a couple of months.

Before you start content creation, it is imperative that you skim through the content published by your competitors. Check the real pages appearing on the top in Google search and go from there.

Typing the keyword in Google and visiting the sites to show up on the first page is what it means. You would wish to explore the writing styles, check out the length of the content, check their subheadings and find out the number of times they getting used for the main keywords, check for the visuals, etc.

Whenever it is done, publish your content and start performing the outreach. Return to Ahref and check out every website linked to the top-performing page for these keywords. Reach there, locate the owner’s email, and contact them to inform you about creating the best topic.

You can often return to Ahref and check the position you are ranking at while the new competitors start to show up eventually. It is a must for updating your best articles optimized for the right kind of keywords. 

Adding more content each month whenever required can help make changes with the latest trends in the market evolution and format them better each time. It can encourage Google to crawl it to check how it improved to retain your number 1 position.

Building Links to Your Content

Apart from being a time-consuming strategy in SEO services in startups, there are other ways to boost the pages that fail to appear in the SERPs.

Two techniques need more effort; however, they can aid you in gaining quality backlinks over time for making a start:

Guest posting is the first one that starts enhancing brand awareness, generating business leads, and strengthening backlink profiles. It starts by selecting the right kind of sites to publish your guest post on, making the right pitch, writing from amazing resources, and getting it optimized.

It is mainly due to the already established authority of the site in the niche the post has a great chance of ranking higher in no time.

The other method for building links noted as resource page link building. After you have quality content on your site, reach out to the other people with great resource pages and suggest what they include, as you might think is beneficial to the readers.

There are a few rapid and cheaper ways to avail the links to your site that include answering the questions on Quora and including the link back to a single article while commenting on the blogs in this niche.

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How can Cheenti Help Your Startup?

At Cheenti, we offer the best SEO packages for startups to ensure that they perform everything to help rank your site. They can identify the complexity of the SEO; however, it is worth the time, money, and effort if you aim for your startup to grow organically at a rapid pace.

SEO and content strategy are the long-term approach to marketing as opposed to Google Ads, and investors adore it whenever the founders understand the SEO tactics and implement them for long-term growth.

At Cheenti, we understand that the ROI of creating quality content, adding internal links, aiming at link building, and many others can help rank your website at the top of the search engines.

The better you rank on Google, the better you can start building the audience, with a greater value for your site. The website becomes more valuable, which can aid in raising money while getting the accreditation for the investors keen to aid in funding your startup.

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Final Takeaway

SEO strategy for startups is the essential element in the marketing strategy. Start investing your time in SEO efforts which are completely well-worth you starting since traffic increases organically with higher rankings that increase the credibility with the investors.

Working meticulously on the website is the ideal way to rank higher on search engines.The more robust your online presence gets, the easier it is to start raising funds and getting the investors keen on whatever they are doing. While you start locating the success with the SEO efforts, moving forward with the paid ads will become a highly efficient strategy to generate sales and expand your business.


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