How can Google Maps help your Business

How can Google Maps help your Business?

Google Maps is one of the most widely used Google services, used by millions of people every day. It becomes difficult even to imagine a single day without this progress, especially when traveling to an unknown place. 

Additionally, Google map listing can help you transform your business in many ways. You are missing a lot if your business is not listed here. This blog will see how Google Maps can benefit your business and help you generate more sales and customers. 

Advantages of Business on Google Map

1. Helps Build Trust

Stating that a business is online creates great trust in front of a large population. With the web, few look for a service in the traditional yellow pages. Therefore, in addition to appearing on the traditional yellow pages, businesses should consider appearing on Google maps business listing, especially if the business serves the local community. 

This way, even if you don’t have a website, your prospects will have the most appropriate information about your business available. Therefore, Google maps advertising is the best solution if you are a business owner and cannot afford a website. 

2. It’s Great for SEO

When listing a business on platforms like Google Maps, please list all identifying information about your business, including the link to your business website. This means a link about your business on a reputable website that drives relevant traffic to your website. 

Google is focused on local search, so competition for local businesses on Google Maps is limited to similar businesses within the locality and not the entire state or city. This means that your business has a better chance of reaching the top of search engine results for its location and category. 

3. The Locals Attract Each Other

People don’t have newspapers or phone books like they used to. In today’s times, people, especially the younger generation, rely on their GPS, smartphones, and other web-based devices to locate almost anything. 

While street-level advertising, media advertising, mailings, and community involvement help increase local awareness, the first place people care when they hear from you is online. As with relevant keywords, it is easy to find you on Google Maps, and on mobile devices, people searching for a service you offer can easily find it. 

4. Create Many Possibilities

Each application in which the company appears online allows comments, suggestions, criticisms, and advice from customers. By claiming a business online, you are opening yourself up to customer feedback that can help improve your business significantly. 

Even negative comments are helpful since you know what they could fix, but positive comments from real customers are far more valuable than any other marketing budget.

5. Your Business Claim Is at Stake

If you don’t do your own business online, someone else can. What is supposed to prevent competitors from claiming your business location to drive away your potential customers intentionally? 

Just as it is important to patent an invention or protect a logo, it is also important to file a claim online. Imagine that you are a gold digger who has just hit the main vein. It is important to register your business claim before others discover and take what is yours. 

6. Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

When you are hungry, and you can’t decide what to eat, you can open Google Maps and type “restaurant,” “food,” “home delivery,” or whatever you are looking for for a certain food you are on humor. And when you do this, they offer you a card with the full logo of each related company. It’s an extremely visual experience that’s even better than searching online, as there is no limit to the number of results that can be packed into one page. 

7. Avoid Misinformation

It’s not just competitors who need to be concerned. If your business is more likely to be in a new location, it just doesn’t exist, but there is a chance that it could take over a previously used retail space. Without claiming the company, users will still see the old ads from the previous company. 

After doing business, it is important to keep all information current. Did you move to a completely new location? Modified opening hours? Do you have a new website? All this should be reflected in the file of your company. 

8. This Is the Only Way People Know That You Exist.

If you do not claim to have an online business, then your business does not exist online. Once your business appears on these location service websites, it will finally be available to the general public. 

Advertisers are pressuring you to get listed for their business on the web for a reason: This makes your business branding accessible to anyone online, which, if you haven’t resigned, is pretty much anyone. If you don’t start your own online business, you lose potential income, and someone else will buy it. 

9. Cost-effective Local Advertising

Last but not least, the clear reason people should register the business on google maps is that it is free. Google Maps allows businesses to market their prospects to a specific location and costs less than traditional marketing options. 

With this list of the importance of being on Google Maps, you now understand that Google maps marketing is an excellent tool that no business can ignore. So list your exact address and business details on Google Maps today and let your potential customers get accurate directions to your location instead of relying on scribbled directions or a map.

How to Add My Business Location on Google Maps?

Step 1: Log Into Your Google My Business Account.

If you do not have your business already listed on Google, you must create a Google My Business account. The process is easy and free; You will have to begin by creating an account at by clicking Sign in. 

Step 2: Add New Location to Company Home Page

After going to your dashboard or home page, you will see the option to click at the top left. This is the menu. Scroll down the menu a bit until you see the “Add New Location” option. 

Step 3: Enter Company Name and Address

After entering your company name in a field, login and click Next. You will then be directed to another message asking for the location of your business. Enter your country, street, city, state, etc., and click Next. 

Step 4: Pin Your Business

Now is the time to show potential customers where your business is. Google should take you to a screen with a map of the area you entered on the previous screen and a red pushpin. Zoom in on the exact location of your business, click and drag the pin to that exact location. 

Step 5: Confirm Company Details

The following prompts should ask for your company’s category, phone number, and website. Continue by clicking Next. 

Step 6: Review Your Business.

You are almost done! It must confirm that you are the legal owner of the business. This part requests a verification process that will send you a PIN, either to your physical business address, business phone number, or otherwise. Please choose your preferred verification method, wait for your PIN to be received, and enter it into your account to verify your business listing successfully. 

Once you have completed the verification process, your business listing will be published on Google Maps. This means that users can get directions to your business, post reviews, and view photos and other helpful details. As an owner, you can create posts, reply to reviews, and track analytics such as search volume and the number of driving directions requested from your business.

How Can You See if Your Business Already Exists in Google Maps?

After clicking search, click the Maps tab. If you can’t see yours, it’s not on Google Maps yet. If you can see your business but haven’t added it yourself, follow the steps to claim your business on Google for verified owner access. 

How Do You Add Your Business Address to Google Maps?

You will be required to enter your business address during the business listing process before pinning it on the map. Another way to add the address is to go to your Google My Business dashboard and edit it directly from your home page. You can make these changes once you are the verified owner. 

How Often Does Google Maps Update Street View?

Google Maps can often contain real-time data, but you can generally expect Street View to update every one to three years. Even if you’ve added your business to google maps, your work isn’t done! Now, you can take advantage of that online presence and get these potential customers off the computer and in the door. Google Reviews is one of the most effective ways to convert these potential leads into customers. 


The blog might have given you an idea that how google maps work for your business. When used in a smart and organized way, google maps can give excellent results, and all it takes is the right strategy and thoughtful implementation. When you bring your business to Cheenti, our highly skilled professionals briefly educate you about such techniques by answering your question like How to add my business location on google maps and help you stand out from the crowd. 


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