Google’s Product Review Update September 2022 Everything You Need to Know

Google’s Product Review Update September 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Today, reviews play a crucial role in helping customers choose which business locations, products, and services are right for them. Online reviews are now viewed by 66% of local consumers as trustworthy or more than personal recommendations. 

Can you improve your local SEO and online visibility using product reviews as a whole? What does this latest product review algorithm update mean for multi-location brands? This blog post will explain Google Product Review Update so your brand can stay ahead of the curve.

What is “Google’s Product Review” Algorithm Update?

According to Google, they will display in-depth and informative product reviews at the top of search results, whereas “thin content which simply summarizes several products” will be displayed at the bottom of search results.

Compared with product reviews that only discuss how “good” or “bad” the product is, reviews that discuss the product specifications and describe how it helps might be prioritized more.

This decision aims to ensure that users receive trustworthy advice without all the fluff.

Users can now directly read specific, informative, and detailed reviews to make the right shopping decision instead of scrolling through hundreds of low-quality reviews.

Reviews are currently limited to English, but other languages may soon be added. E-commerce websites should therefore be prepared to deal with these changes.

Your product review strategy may need to be rethought.

What Types Of Websites Will Be Impacted?

Publish more in-depth reviews if you run an affiliate website, as the Google product review update forces you to provide more detailed information than the manufacturer does.

By doing this, you will be able to rank higher and attract organic traffic to your content. This update should not be taken for granted.

The core update could negatively impact your affiliate site if your reviews are shallow, only listing features without adding new information.

The situation is not hopeless if this occurs. Despite Google’s update algorithm penalty, there are ways to recover.

However, affiliate website owners are not the only ones who should be concerned about Google’s update to product reviews.

It is also important for e-commerce businesses to take advantage of Google’s product review updates and affiliate content creators and website owners.

A low-quality review on your affiliate site will lead to low traffic, which will lead to low sales. To rank higher on search engines, you must ensure your product reviews are detailed and informative.

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What Should You Do If The Product Review Update Impacts Your Website?

For those who own online businesses or content creators as well as marketing professionals. Google has shown how to write quality content to meet the requirements of this Google Algorithm Update!

The principal objective for this change is to bring an insightful and knowledgeable analysis up the ranks of the search results instead of lackluster or ambiguous content. This Google Update is designed to increase the visibility of new research and articles written by “experts or enthusiasts” who are knowledgeable about the subject.

Google provided helpful questions to ask about their product reviews. These marketers can utilize this as a guideline to improve their SEO of product reviews.

Do your reviews…

  • Provide expert advice on products when the product is suitable.
  • Display what the product looks like or how it’s utilized, and include distinct content unavailable from the manufacturer’s offers.
  • Give quantitative measures of how a product performs in different performance categories.
  • What is it that sets your product apart from others?
  • Review similar products or discuss suitable ones for specific situations or uses.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific product from research.
  • Explain how the product has developed from earlier models or versions to make improvements, solve issues or assist users in making an informed purchase.
  • Determine the most important decision-making elements relevant to the product’s market and evaluate how it does in these areas. For instance, a car review might reveal that safety, fuel economy, and handling are important decision-making factors. Then, they evaluate the performance of those areas.
  • Define the key decisions made in how the product was created and their impact on the user more than what the product manufacturer claims.

Final Takeaway

In the digital marketing world, Google updates are commonplace. These updates can stress marketers, but there are ways to deal with them and recover. Changing the algorithm improves the user experience and provides more relevant results.

Digital agencies help their clients cope with these changes. The Google updates may not always be negative for your business, as they may increase organic traffic or improve your website rankings.

The key to coping with these changes is to be prepared for them and respond accordingly.

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