7 Best Backlink Indexing Tools to Improve Your Backlink Profile

7 Best Backlink Indexing Tools to Improve Your Backlink Profile

Irrespective of the several Google algorithm updates, it is never comprehensible to inform the search engines’ time to index your backlinks. It means the indexing services offered by shoddy companies understand quite well that their claim is going to fall flat with zero outcomes.

Here, we will look into what we mean by indexing with the factors affecting the backlink indexing and what should be done to reduce the time taken for the backlinks to get indexed. A few distinctive factors help determine the speed at which this free backlink indexing tool is used.

What is Backlink Indexing Tool?

The massive number of backlink indexing tools that assist people with implementing successful backlink strategies can offer you an idea of the importance of backlinks. In this universe of tools, the highly useful ones keep track of the entire mesh of the backlinks on the internet, assisting you in better managing the activities and link-building strategies.

You need not be surprised by these magical tools promising to generate backlinks to the site automatically. Always be careful with these link-building promises that employ black hat methods that affect SEO. You must know link building is never easy as it cannot always perform well through automated tools.

Therefore, the free backlink indexer tool offers you a lot of information about the backlinks you can use to achieve better results with your efforts in link-building.

Why Are My Backlinks Not Indexing?

Whenever your backlinks are not being indexed, there is always a reason behind them. It is never possible that these search engines are not indexing the backlinks without any reason.

There are various factors determining the swiftness at which your backlinks are getting indexed as it ranges from these site authorities for the source of these backlinks, the frequency at which your site is being updated, with the web pages or the PageRank, the backlink quality and the popularity of the site.

We can check out a couple of factors:

a) Age of Link Domain: The backlinks from the aging domains are more effective than the latest domains.

b) The Authority of Referral Pages: It is a vital element in ranking as soon as the backlinks get indexed.

c) Social Shares for the Referral Pages: It starts contributing to the page’s authority while determining the speed at which the link is indexed.

d) Popularity of the Site: News sites are extremely popular when constantly starting to publish new content while generally having greater trust and authority. Therefore they are frequently indexed and crawled. 

e) Diversity to the Link Sources: Whenever all these links arrive from different kinds of sources, including blog commenting as they start getting flagged off through the spam, making the Google bots index them slowly or start failing at indexing as they all start deeming the site due to bad quality without any trust or authority.

Why Do You Need a Backlink Indexing Tool?

Irrespective of the speed at which the backlink indexing tool you pick, the goal is to enhance your search engine results across Google and related search engines. However, it automatically starts indexing the latest backlinks, and re-indexing backlinks start changing while you expect a massive improvement in the site’s performance. At the same time, you start ranking your site, and the volume of the traffic increases, leading to more visitors and higher conversions.

Understand the competition among online businesses is becoming fiercer. Several companies are vying for similar customers while thinking out of box, which is no longer option but a requirement. Additionally, there are premium products and services at affordable rates while you start implementing SEO strategies proven to attain amazing results that include the backlink indexing tool.

These days, you cannot afford to ignore the opportunity. Whenever you seek a competitive edge, you require a free backlink indexing tool you can locate through varying services.

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7 Best Tools to Index Your Backlinks

1. Backlink Tool

Backlink Tools aids in indexing the URL links while sending them safely to Google without any cost involved. There is no requirement for using the black hat method. Here, you must follow better SEO using white hat methods. The BacklinkTool aids you to start indexing the URLs while sending them to Google safely and securely for free. There is no requirement for using a black hat or illegal methods. The BacklinkTool is responsible for fast backlink indexing that follows white hat methods and SEO.

This tool comes without any cost while submitting backlinks in bulk without any restrictions. The page and the URL get added to Google while it starts keyword ranking across your primary site in the Google search engines.

2. Linkbox Pro

This backlink software brings the backlink management tool to the latest level. You may start maximizing the link-building efforts while using the Linkbox. It is the most intricate work for keeping track of link building. The LinkBox starts working automatically, making it convenient for both the client and the website. It is the best tool if you ask how to index my backlinks.

This tool sends the plans for the link to the other level. The program starts managing and tracking these backlinks constantly. You need not try verifying the links manually since you will get notifications regarding receiving and removing these external links. Additionally, the reporting system is even accessible.

3. One Hour Indexing

Instead of only crawling your links, the automated service indexes the backlinks in just a couple of minutes. The outcomes are insane, which is pretty much considered the voodoo black magic of Google!

While you are tired of fighting the latest updates, the service powers the backlinks and shoot at page 1 across the Google SERPs, it is completely white hat SEO, automated, and Google-approved. It works across every type of link, including the ones with the money on this site.

4. Instant Link Indexer

They have worked with the developers at a few of the highly prominent and widely used SEO agencies for Linkbuilding tools to start offering you the easiest way to get the links indexed. The link indexing services get integrated with the link-building programs, so you require starting indexing the API key in this setting and programs that automatically start sending the links to them at all times. There are several SEO tools where the services are integrated for ease of use.

5. Linklicious

They have tested and even retested the indexing strategies for more than a year and developed a recipe to get AHREFs, Google, and Majestic to start crawling and indexing the links. They initially developed to index and crawled the services while pushing this envelope through constant testing.

6. Instant Backlink Indexer from SEO Tool Station

The Instant Link Indexer is a proprietary and unique set of tools from the SEO Tool Station. It offers you the best service to start indexing the links instantly. If you have simply published a post and wish Google and the rest of the search traffic to index the post rapidly while using this tool, you can index your article sooner. The tool is effective if you wish to start indexing the backlinks.

7. Elite Link Indexer

Elite Link Indexer is the best tool whenever you require link indexing services. Currently, they have the highest rate of indexation in the market. They have tested several available indexing services in the market today, and there is no match with EliteLinkIndexer. With over a decade of experience in SEO, any digital marketing agency can employ this tool successfully for better results.

How Can Cheenti Help You With Backlinks Indexing?

Several online backlink indexing tools offer some of the best services if you run across a tight budget. It helps you in reaching your goals without the need to spend much. Cheenti helps you notice whether these free tools work well for you or if you need additional assistance.

Final Takeaway

Your site consists of the internal links that play the most significant role in how Google starts crawling across your site, interpreting how they are related to each other. They even aid in distributing the value attained from backlinks present across your website.


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