5 Content Marketing Ideas for Septic Service Companies

Content is curated to achieve a wide range of business objectives, from improving search engine rankings to increasing revenues and generating new leads. According to the leading content marketing experts in the septic industry, 89 per cent of respondents saw positive results from visual content strategy, regardless of their specific goals. It’s pretty evident that content marketing works, but only if you know what kind to create.

Good content comes in an array of formats. In this blog post, we’ll address a few that work well for businesses rooted in the septic industry and can be a good starting point for your content marketing strategy.

Educate & Engage: Blog Posts for Septic Businesses

Written content is the obvious cornerstone of your strategy. Potential customers will visit your site if your blog topics are relevant and the content is optimized for search engines. But here’s the thing: blog posts and articles will only reel in readers if they’re helpful, well-crafted, and stick to the tried-and-true practices of SMB blogging.

Always aim to draft posts and articles that present new information about the septic industry and help your readers in one way or the other. For septic service content marketing, you can write a step-by-step guide complete with photos on how they can maintain their septic systems between professional cleanings.

Additionally, consider engaging your audience through interactive content like polls and quizzes to keep them invested and coming back for more.

Visual Storytelling: Photos & Videos for Your Septic Service

Humans are visual beings. We’re naturally drawn to images more than text, and our brains process them faster. So, when planning your content marketing strategy, don’t forget to include photos, videos, and other visually appealing content to attract site visitors’ attention and keep them on your pages longer.

For instance, you could create before-and-after images of a septic tank pumping process to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services. Or, maybe you can include visual testimonials from satisfied customers, such as video interviews or photos with captions highlighting their positive experiences with your company.

Top Tips & Dos & Don’ts: Lists for Septic System Care

According to experts in the content marketing industry, lists are among the most shared content on the Internet, producing as many as 25,000 shares per month. To boost your online presence, you can present lists in various formats, including slideshows, animated GIFs, and text lists. Remember that the topics should be consumer-centric and relevant to your audience’s needs and interests.

For instance, you could compile a list of “Top 10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Septic System” or “5 Common Septic System Problems and How to Avoid Them.” This way, you would not only establish your expertise in the field but also offer valuable insights that relate to your readers.

Quick & Clear: Infographics for Septic System Info

Infographics make statistics easier to digest and remember. They are also much more eye-catching and easy to share than plain text. Whether you want to explain how septic tanks work or why regular inspections are important, infographics break it down easily so anyone can understand.

Plus, they add colour and interest to your content, making it much more appealing than long blogs with a lot of complex information. Instead of reading through loads of text, people can quickly grasp the main points.

Because they’re easy to share, infographics help spread the word about your septic services to more people. So, if you want to stand out in the septic industry, infographics are a smart addition to your content marketing plan.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to include your business name, contact details, and website somewhere in the infographic. Septic service content marketing for small businesses requires branding content, and infographics provide an easy way to do so.

Real-World Examples: Case Studies for Septic Success

Case studies provide concrete examples of your company’s expertise and success in addressing specific challenges related to septic systems. You establish credibility and trust with potential clients and customers by displaying real-life situations where your services have made a difference.

Start by discussing the issues your clients faced before employing your septic services, then discuss how your company addressed them. You can use exact facts and figures and provide as much support as you can. Sharing case studies not only lets potential customers see the value you bring but also builds trust in your capacity to meet their needs.

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