Result Oriented Healthcare SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO, is the process through which you optimize the content online in order to make your website page more visible on the various search engines with the help of keywords. SEO services are extremely important for all the different industries as they help you reach out to more people.

These services come in handy, especially in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is a very crucial, important industry where you need to be quick, competitive, and informative. SEO services will help build-up the digital presence of the healthcare facilities, bringing them right to their target audience.

What is Healthcare SEO Services?

As the digital world develops at a faster than ever pace, healthcare SEO has become a buzzword in the industry. But not many know the worth of it. Just like any other industry, SEO service helps the healthcare industry reach newer heights as well. As explained, SEO is the method that helps to improve the visibility of your website in the search engine rankings. No one will keep scrolling through the hundreds of searches to find your healthcare brand. According to the study by Backlinko, only the top 3 search results for any query receive about 75% of the clicks.

As the healthcare industry progresses, it is important for the industry to evolve its marketing strategies. Healthcare marketing, in the past, was essentially focusing on print, radio, television, and direct mail. But today, it has evolved from just centering around the traditional methods of turning to healthcare digital marketing.

Health and wellness digital marketing include PPC, SEO, social media, mobile apps, email marketing, and much more. Digital marketing in the medical industry encompasses much more than these. It reaches out to the target audience with better content, engages users through social media, and improves patient engagement and loyalty with the help of data analytics.


Why is SEO so Important in the Healthcare Industry?

According to the statistics stated by the Search Engine Journal, there is a 14.6% rate for SEO leads to convert into patients. This is a stark contrast from the 1.7% rate of conversion that you might get from outbound sources like print advertising or direct mails.

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If you are still unsure about the importance of healthcare SEO services and why it is important to the healthcare industry, then the reasons are as below:

1) Get the #1 Rank on Google Search Rankings: Getting the topmost ranks on any search engine means that the website will be visible right at the top of the search results, gaining maximum reach as you will be able to see it first. With effective SEO practices and strategies in place, improving your page rank is definitely a breeze.
2) Get quality SEO leads: Good visibility of your website on the search engines means more clicks to your pages. More clicks will lead to better leads. Better leads will result in more sales. In healthcare, the people who are usually looking up the internet are usually in search of a specific answer. So if the website offering the answers are right at the top, then the chances of it garnering more leads are immense.
3) Increase the traffic directed to the website: Hubspot states that 80% of the website traffic begins from a simple search query. With the effective optimization of your website, you can boost the search ranking of your page on the search results. This will help you reach the correct audience, increasing your reach to the targeted mass.
4) Reduce the costs related to patient acquisition: Because the entire process of healthcare search engine optimization and website lead generation is online, it lowers the cost by a considerable amount. Traditional marketing procedures are expensive and usually result in you paying more than precedent. Online marketing is inexpensive, encourages more lead generation, and reduces the patient acquisition cost tremendously.
5) Enjoy a high ROI from your website: When it comes to the inbound sales strategy, SEO plays a key role in it. With proper SEO practices, you will see an inflow of new customers coming to you. SEO practices have a long-lasting effect on marketing processes. This makes it more effective than other media. It is also a cheaper option, and ensures credibility and trust among your targeted audience, resulting in higher returns.

Healthcare SEO is a stepping stone for all healthcare and medical facilities to make the most of the search engines. With the help of effective and well-planned SEO strategies in place, the healthcare facilities will not only be able to be more visible but will also attract patients and their family members to the website.

What do we offer in our Medical & Healthcare SEO Services?

We understand the importance of reaching out to the maximum number of people when it comes to healthcare. Making people aware of the different treatments and services available is a priority. All marketing efforts are aimed towards making information about medical procedures and healthcare facilities available to the online audience. In order to do that, you need to have proper SEO plans in place. We at Cheenti make these very plans and apply them to help your healthcare website attract maximum traffic, generate noteworthy leads, rank on the top, and above all, aware of the audience who are searching for the various facilities. We know how to navigate across the increasing regulations while complying with practices ensuring patient privacy. We aim to develop relationships between patients and health practitioners that are long-lasting. We plan and strategize to offer the best position for your healthcare facility’s brand in the marketplace.

Some of the services that we provide as a part of our SEO services are as given below:

1. We perform competitive digital analysis – A complete analysis will help you understand where your healthcare brand stands in the market. It will also help you know which areas online require work and strategic planning. It helps you create actionable goals and corresponding SEO strategies.

2. We optimize the content and the code on the website – Optimizing your website content helps to improve the ranking of your medical website. The website codes are also edited so that the structure of your website is in line with the prevalent SEO practices. We also perform conversion rate optimization on all the design elements of the website, so that the patients get an optimal experience.

3. We create new content and creatives for the website – We publish targeted and well-written medical content to improve the local search rankings of your healthcare website. We also optimize the content, making it suitable for voice search and other digital assistants.

4. We manage local citations – We discover, monitor, and manage the local citations. We also backlink opportunities in order to build authority.

Why Choose Cheenti for Healthcare SEO Services?

At Cheenti, we understand the value of reaching out to the people. We believe that the more people you reach out to, the more you will be able to spread awareness. And when your healthcare website ranks well in the search engines, it will be easily visible to the audience. We at Cheenti aim to help you achieve exactly this.

With years of experience, Cheenti offers you the best strategies and plans that will optimize your healthcare website, reach the top ranks in the search results, attract traffic to your website, and garner valuable leads to turn to sales. Our professionals are experienced and seasoned in this field and are always updated and well aware of the newest advancements in the SEO policies. We make sure that we navigate through these policies and bring out the best healthcare search engine optimization plans that will boost the ranks of your websites online. With Cheenti by your side, you will definitely be able to reap the fruits of SEO while reaching out to the maximum. If you need assistance with the whole process, we can help explain it to you. Get in touch with us and we will take you along the process of search engine optimization for your healthcare brand.



Search Engine Optimization helps to increase the flow of traffic to the website by increasing its visibility in the search engines and boosting the ranks in the search results. This very function of SEO benefits healthcare providers as they target specific audiences who are looking for what the providers have to offer.

According to Google, it takes about 4 months to almost a year to see the results coming in from SEO practice in the healthcare industry. So the earlier you invest in SEO strategies, the sooner you will get the results.

Yes, Healthcare Local SEO is just as important as regular SEO. This is because the people who search for healthcare facilities look for ones that are close to them, or available locally. Hence, local SEO practices for healthcare facilities are very important.

When you are hiring a healthcare SEO agency, check out their website, and see how well experienced they are in the field. Go through their portfolio, reviews written about them, and learn about the agency. Then you can go and have a talk with them and see if the chemistry matches. Ask as many questions as you want before you finalize which agency to hire.