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What makes Social Media Management so Important for the E-Commerce Industry?

Social media for the e-commerce industry could be a powerful tool. The flexibility to direct shoppers toward a replacement product or a gorgeous deal by interacting via a community is incredibly useful. A social media also includes:

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Connect & Engage with Your Customers Through E-Commerce Social Media Management

To put it simply, eCommerce Social Media Marketing is the process of managing an entire social media presence through systematic planning. But Social Media Management could be a little more strategic.

Digital marketing strategies are built on robust factual information. After all, to form a successful business, you need to know specifics about your market and how your solution will help solve a selected problem.

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If we speak about the e-commerce industry, 90% of companies are estimated to use social media for customer service and Conversion,. Social Media demonstrates a high-yielding tool for marketing, promotion, and even selling. It helps e-commerce businesses identify customers, engage with them, build trust, gain sales opportunities, and deliver quick support.

Social media is a tool for establishing and maintaining brand identity. With social ads, you will showcase your products to those that fit into your client base and increase the possibilities of sales.


A Facebook Business Page helps in connecting you with consumers and offers key details about your business,products, services, and upcoming events.


Our team, being experts of Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Agency, can pay influencers to naturallymarket your products to their followers. This strategy helps spread word of mouth virtually.


Twitter links you and your business with what's happening worldwide every day. Learn the latest, real-timetrends and invest in social listening.

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Your LinkedIn Company page helps you with free (although you can boost this with ads) marketing opportunities andincreases the credibility of your brand.


It's a learning process when you start using YouTube marketing for your business. As you create more videos,you'll get better at filming, refine the styles and formats you use, and improve your use of keywords.


Pinterest offers businesses of all sizes an outstanding way to market themselves — as a visual search engine,Pinterest is wonderful for uncovering new possible customers to your brand.


With a Snapchat Business account, you can set specific filters so your ads will reach specific audiences. Thisstrategy helps you reach out to the Snapchatters who are already communicating and making Transaction with your brand.

Google My Business

A Google Business Profile helps enhance your local SEO. Your Google My Business listing displays searcherswhere and how to visit your business.

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Think of social media as an important and lively extension of your brand, first and foremost; A digital, online presence of what you are doing. If you are acompany that initially exists only as a social media brand, we, at Cheenti Ecommerce Social Media Agency, work passionately to scale up your brand.


Our team of experts are some of the best in the Social Media Marketing field & tirelessly work to create the best Conversion rate optimization (CRO),strategy for you. Since the beginning, we have been doing influencer marketing, so we understand the situation on social media platforms and have evolved with it.

Creating Content

Perhaps the most important part of an effective Social Media Strategy is Content. No matter how much we are involved or leveraged, paid advertising cannot reachits full potential without creating Content that resonates with our current customer base and potential customers.

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Why Choose Cheenti as your ECommerce SMO Agency?

Dedicated Account

We believe in quality as well as quantity and thus, we have a team wherein all the team members take up afew projects as per their expertise and they work like a pro. Each member is then supervised by a manager for better results.


Social media allows e-commerce to stay in touch with their customers in real-time. The instant you receive a questionvia inbox or comment, you will be able to create a lasting first impression with brand awareness. This strategy helps build trust and win a chance to sell/resell.

Custom Social Media
Marketing Strategy

All businesses run on different strategies basis their target audience, thus, social media marketing needs to bedone differently. We have social media marketing strategies that are specially designed for different project needs.

Diverse Marketing

We have worked with numerous customers serving in different domains. Thus, working for them has given us anexceptional experience about how different industries work and what are the latest trends.

Proven Track

We have been serving for more than twenty years the digital space. Moreover, we are a certified Googlepartner.


When it is the work that counts, we leave no stone unturned in providing our customers with the best results.Our team provides regular work reports to keep the customers on the same page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce stores can use social media for e-commerce business to make brand awareness, attract online followers, and generate online sales. Businesses can even use social media to influence their brand, profile, and products shared online. In short, these services:
  • Help in expanding your online reach.
  • Help in reaching your target market.
  • Help in engaging your audience in the most casual ways.
  • Help your brand get shared online.

While you choose the best e-commerce social media agency, please take a note that they possess the following qualities:

  • Transparency
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Team of Professionals
  • Ability to accurately execute plans
  • Possess Great Analytical Tools

Thus, if your agency has all the points mentioned above, you have made the right choice while selecting the e-commerce social media agency.

Social media serves your marketing strategy by easing the method of acquiring customers, making sales and putting in new marketing campaigns.

An essential aspect of e-commerce social media is that it takes you on to where your customers are. You will be able to use social media networks to realize a much better understanding of your audience.