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Your e-commerce website needs to show up in customer’s search results when they are doing product research through SEO for Ecommerce Business. If you don’t show up during that time, you will cease to exist for these potential customers.

We at Cheenti believe in taking a data-driven approach to Search Engine Optimization.

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SEO E-Commerce Strategy To Help You Drive Your Business

Competitor Research

The goal of an Ecommerce SEO Expert is to win the competition. Find out about your competitors and learn what makes your search successful. The insightsgained through research provide the basis for our team's ability to defeat them.

Strategy Setting

Once the survey is complete, we create a roadmap to success, including timelines and milestone settings. We focus on meaningful activities that weanticipate will greatly impact your SEO campaign. Data and experience will guide you towards a low bounce rate.

Consumer Research

We conduct a detailed customer-based survey to understand how customers can find you using search engines. Comprehensive surveys of existingAmazon A+ Content pages will help lay the foundation for your campaign.

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Elements That Make E-Commerce SEO Critical For Any Business

When we think of Search engine ranking optimization, we tend to think it pertains to only brand websites. But the truth is that Search Engine Optimization is required in all the different industries, even in E-Commerce. SEO is critically necessary to expand your business and index it to reach the right audience. You need the products on your website to rank higher than your competitors. Your products need to be displayed properly on the search engines to attract potential customers and increase checkouts from the shopping cart.

Keyword Research
& Strategy

Keywords are an integral part of any project. We carefully work on the keywords in the not found category andhelp rank those keywords for better performance.


Content is the king and thus, plays a very crucial role in SEO Marketing. We have a dedicated team of skilled inhouse writers who have expertise in various niches. Our Writers write A+ content for Amazon and website product pages.

On Page

To get more traffic on the website, our experts introduce On-Page SEO that optimizes both the content & the sourcecode of the page. Not only does this help with the Traffic, but it also gets the page ranked higher.


Used by the experts to help the search engine index your website effectively. Technical SEO optimizes the server &website that aids in ranking.


Many brands do not understand the importance of promo codes for driving traffic to their sites. They are a greatway to boost conversions and boost shopping transactions. We approach it smartly, leveraging promo codes to boost sales and improve rankings, all at a lower cost than paying for ads.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

To get you a better ROI, we perform A/B Testing to increase the conversions through your website. Our team of Inhouse experts overlooks the ideas to implement only the best ones for you!

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What Makes SEO Critically Important For E-Commerce?

You might be wondering how Search Engine Optimization will be helpful for your website through an Ecommerce SEO Agency. We are here to explain that to you. Like any other website, you would also want the following things:

Proper Ecommerce SEO practices will help you achieve all these. They will help you reach higher ranks in search results. Optimizing your e-commerce website will attract an inexpensive source of high converting organic traffic to your web pages. If your pages are properly optimized, that will help you reach out to potential customers while providing them with the best buying solutions.

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Seo Packages for Growth

SEO packages for Small Businesses from Cheenti don’t only increase your search engine rankings but also improve your conversion, domain authority and brand visibility.

Why Choose Cheenti as your E-Commerce SEO Agency?

E-Commerce SEO

We have a dedicated team of experts who have years of experience in the digital space.They are involved in continually evaluating existing strategies and finding better opportunities for the business.


Get better Return On Investment with our strategies, custom designedto suit all your needs & specifications.


When the strategies are right, you are making an investment. With our team ofexperts, you get proven results with complete reporting.


When a client is spending money and time, they have the right to know the progressof each step. Our transparent reporting system keeps you aware of every step we take to boost your business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just as the term states, e-commerce search engine optimization is for the various e-commerce websites of the different brands available online. The best e-commerce platforms for SEO would be the following platforms:

  • BigCommerce
  •  Shopify
  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • Squarespace
  • WooCommerce
SEO professionals will tell you that it takes about 4 to 6 months before you see the positive results of SEO coming up. This is more or less accurate, and as time goes by, the results become better and grow consistently. This means that the results you get after 12 months will be much greater than the results you get after the initial 6 months.

Hiring an e-commerce SEO agency guarantees results. So when you are paying for their SEO services, you might have to invest anywhere between Rs. 6K to Rs 25000 a month. Depending on the type of agency that you hire and the type of results that they deliver, your expense behind SEO might go up or down. But all we can say is that these expenses are worth it as you will definitely receive positive results.

When you are hiring an ecommerce SEO agency, the first thing you should do is check out their website, and see how well experienced they are in the field. Go through their portfolio, check out the reviews written about them, and learn about the agency. Then you can go and have a talk with them and ask as many questions as you want before you finalize which agency to hire.

  • Provide prompt assistance to customers. Letting people stew is the worst way to destroy a bad business reputation.
  • Watch social media for updates about your brand.
  • Describe the standards and values of your business
  • Accept responsibility for your mistakes
  • You can benefit from negative feedback
  • Hire an online reputation management expert