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PPC or Pay per click is a unique means of acquiring visits to your site, rather than striving to “make” those visits organically.

Where else to go when you can get everything you need on a single platform! We at Cheenti value your time and resource always take pride in serving you with the best of all. Thus, we are the best choice for E-commerce Ppc for your business.

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What Do We Offer As Your PPC Agency?

Exclusively curated E-commerce PPC Services like ads for enhanced revenue generation help your brand generate business. We understand the need for PPC for the E-commerce industry and thus, plan our actions that bring maximum benefit for our clients.


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What Does PPC Marketing Services Generally Include?

Google Ads

Showcase your business on the top of Google's organic search results and get theattention of future customers with snippets of information about offers.

Shopping Ads

Display E-commerce store ads within Google's shopping ads and add product images,prices, and business information.

Display Ads

Get high-quality visual ads for your business displayed throughout the GoogleDisplay Network. Display ads can be flexibly composed of text, images, videos, and rich media.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing pays per click with targeted ads for brand awareness and previous website visitors that motivate them to call, visit, buy, or reconnect.

Our Online Marketing Strategies Coupled With An Effective PPC Campaign Has Helped Many Businesses To Date.

Attributing revenue to each paid campaign

A Digital Contender Analysis

Custom, Data-Driven Ads

PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics

PPC Campaign Management

Paid Search Campaigns

PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms

We Use Innovative Strategies For Your Business

A Digital Contender

  • Search ads appear at the top and bottom of the hunt results on Google. Display ads are other PPC ad types you
  • Search ads appear at the top and bottom of the hunt results on Google. Display ads are other PPC ad types you
  • Search ads appear at the top and bottom of the hunt results on Google. Display ads are other PPC ad types you
  • Search ads appear at the top and bottom of the hunt results on Google. Display ads are other PPC ad types you
  • Local service ads are one of the most particular types of paid advertising.

Custom Data-Driven

  • Researching keywords to discover what and how your patrons are seeking your services
  • We create ad copies and creatives for high-performing ads
  • Split-testing ad copy and creatives
  • Administering emulator analysis on ad copy and creatives

PPC AD Tracking and

  • Tracking average ad positions by campaign
  • Tracking click-through-rate
  • Tracking and optimizing cost per click
  • Tracking leads, calls, and sales
  • Attributing revenue to each paid campaign

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We Believe In Strategy-Based Working!

Structure Of E-Commerce PPC Campaign

From our experience on PPC in an E-commerce company, we have executed and structured campaigns for dozens ofclients. This gives you greater visibility into what we bring to the table for your campaign and its keyword groups, enabling optimal bidding strategies. We also analyze and adjust performance accordingly to help you get the most out of your advertising costs.


How do you make your PPC advertising visible to people who are primarily interested in your product and willing tobuy from you? Our E-commerce PPC services include single-keyword ad group (SKAG) optimization targeting high-traffic niche keywords and pairing with intelligently created landing pages and ad copies. In addition, PPC ads are not seen by people outside the target group and target negative keywords in the same ad group to increase their investment yield.


Even if you do not count the closed character, attractive ad copies are difficult to construct. Our E-commerce PPCAgency has proven success in creating advertisements that distinguish their offers from competitors even in limited spaces. Our copywriting experts include related keywords, offers, advantages, headlines, and secondary headlines for supporting information (such as time management sales). In addition to improving the quality indicators of the skilled usage comments of advertising extensions such as good assessment and site links.

Landing Site

When you hire an E-commerce PPC company like Cheenti, you know that your landing page will be top-notch.Cheenti creates high-quality landing pages that combine beautiful designs with great copies to attract shoppers and convince them to buy. When the shopper clicks, a wonderful E-commerce PPC display is not meaningful, so it is directed to a confused category or home page. Use tools such as dynamic text replacement to ensure that landing page text matches keywords and ad text, minimize user confusion, and provide social proof such as reviews and introductory text to trust. Build and optimize the best user experience so that potential customers don't want to click away from it.

Continuous Optimization And A / B Testing

Our E-commerce PPC services are unconfigured and unforgettable. Once the PPC campaign is launched, weconstantly monitor and optimise it to produce great results. We regularly run A / B testing to identify and remove irrelevant keywords, improve ad and landing page conversion rate optimization, and find new keywords that might increase your target. Our world-class E-commerce PPC agency handles all the details for you, so you can focus on what you are best at, improving your business.


What Does It Mean To Be A Google Partner?

We, as a team, have achieved a higher level of screening, certification, training, and product knowledge than any other Google partner. You can now schedule a free PPC review and see for yourself.

We also manage Microsoft Advertising through the Microsoft Search Network. When you partner with Cheenti, you can rest assured that your E-commerce PPC campaign will now be managed by the best in the industry!

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Why Choose Cheenti as your E-Commerce PPC Agency?

We keep our targets high and have pioneered as the best E-commerce PPC company in the market. Our clients know us for the promises and the spirit we keep up. We understand the importance of E-commerce PPC for the exemplary performance of businesses and their growth.

Certified Google Partners

We are a team of certified google partners who believe in rendering top-notch servicesto our clients.

Proven Track Record

We are into the digital space for more than 21 years, and we have worked with myriadcustomers belonging to different domains.

Customized PPC Services

Every business is different, and so are their PPC strategies. Our dedicatedteam of professionals help in providing our customers with customized strategies for maximum profits.

Return On Your

We value the money you are investing to make your business stand out from thecrowd. We make sure that working with us yields you good results, justifying the return on your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Modern times call for the most recent techniques for seeking attention among cut-throat competition prevailing in the market. Precisely, PPC for the e-commerce industry is the best solution. You can get visitors quickly, resulting in enhanced sales in a brief period. Moreover, it increases the chances of getting multiplied leads.
In the most general statement, ecommerce ppc companies must have the following mentioned qualities to be famed as the best performers:
  • The team should be creative and result-oriented.
  • The team should properly align the goals.
  • The team should consist of experienced professionals for top-notch quality and accuracy in work.
It is probably the most challenging task to get work done. While you choose ecommerce ppc agency, make sure the team guarantees the following few points:
  • Your agency should give a quick response.
  • Your agency should be completely transparent with you.
  • And the most important, their team must communicate everything with you.
As the traditional definition suggests, if you go for organic marketing, the chances for you getting noticed are low. When we talk of e-commerce PPC, this kind of marketing increases the chances of getting noticed up to ten times, such strategies help you in converting proposals to lead in less than half a time.

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