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You need a strong and reliable SEO strategy to navigate the Cleveland market and attract customers. At Cheenti, we provide tailor-made strategies for each business based on the requirements and niche. A higher search engine rank will bring greater visibility and improve brand credibility.

We offer the following SEO services:

Let’s identify your target audience and create a powerful strategy for local SEO in Cleveland. Our experts have years of experience in finding the best method to optimize a website for search engines.

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Use Local SEO to Drive Local Customers to Your Business

Leading Cleveland SEO Agency

Local SEO services in Cleveland require local SEO experts who understand the market conditions and competitors. Cheenti has 10+ years of experience working with SMBs from Cleveland. We have clients from different industries like retail, eCommerce, IT, healthcare, education, law, and more.

Our team stays up to date with the latest developments and techniques to provide premium-quality SEO services. We develop user-friendly website designs to keep your customers happy with the site.


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Hire our reputable and secure Web Development Experts to master the web for you!

What We Offer

Content Marketing

We optimize the website content with relevant and high-traffic keywords to increase its visibility and reach on SERPs.

SEO Auditing

Our team runs a website audit to determine the site’s health. We then create a strategy to improve the site’s performance.


As a reputed Cleveland SEO firm, we get backlinks only from websites with high domain authority and add them in phases.


Technical SEO

From broken links to URL optimization, site indexing, managing duplicate data, and more, the site’s backend work is our responsibility


Competitor Analysis

Keep track of your competitor’s digital marketing strategies to make the most of the changing market trends and random opportunities.

SEO Reporting

Get regular SEO reports from our team to monitor the results and make data-driven decisions. Use our analytics to grow your business.

Ask for a Free Instant SEO Audit Report for Our Team.


Dependable Digital Marketing and SEO in Cleveland

Digital marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Website designing, paid advertising, content campaigns, and analytics are necessary to create a comprehensive promotional strategy for your business.

Our Cleveland SEO expert team uses the latest tools and white hat internet marketing techniques to give your website the necessary push to attract more customers. We follow a streamlined and planned approach to enhance the site’s authority and increase the search engine rank.

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Benefits of Choosing Cheenti for SEO Services



Increase brand visibility and presence on the internet by ranking high in search engines. Our SEO strategies will make it happen.


We provide business-friendly services for you to create a customer centricwebsite and digital marketing strategies.


Get more return on investment for the money you spend on our SEO services. Cheenti offers cost-effective services in Cleveland.

More Sales and Traffic

Increase organic website traffic and convert visitors to customers. Generate higher sales and increase customer base.

Become a customer- favorite Business in Cleveland

A powerful SEO strategy increases organic visibility, traffic, and conversions through a comprehensive approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Every business needs SEO to survive in today’s competitive markets and reach the target audience. SEO will place your website on the top search results. This makes it easy for users to approach your business and know more about the products/services you offer. 

You require relevant and high-traffic keywords from your niche to optimize the website for search engines. The keywords are collected using various free and paid tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Google Search Console, etc. It is a lengthy process of making a long list and shortlisting keywords based on topics and themes.

Search engine optimization works on improving the website’s authority in the long term. This is done by posting quality content, adding backlinks from sites with high DA, and generating organic traffic from different sources. It requires continuous effort and expertise to get the desired results. 

No, absolutely not. Backlinks should never be bought. It is a black-hat SEO practice and can result in the website being flagged, penalized, or banned from search engines. When you buy backlinks, you get them from link farms and dubious sites with low authority. 

People are always on the go and don’t prefer to wait for a website to load. The page loading speed of an ideal website is 2 seconds. The site speed is considered by the Google algorithm when ranking the website. An optimized website will have a higher loading speed. 

SEO results can be seen in 6 to 24 months. You need to continuously invest in SEO to notice the difference in website rank, organic traffic, and conversion rate. Bounce rate, new traffic, domain authority, new subscriptions, etc., are some indicators that help measure the progress of your SEO efforts. 

Cheenti is a reputed Cleveland SEO agency with 10+ years in the industry. We offer transparent and customized services to small and medium businesses in the market. Our team of experts has specialized skills and domain expertise to design a website and take your business wide into the competitive markets locally and globally.