Amritsr Social Media

Case Study

The Amritsr Restaurant

Increased profile visits by 70% and saw a huge upswing in new followers on Instagram

August 2019

About The Company

A fine dine-in restaurant serving Authentic Indian Cuisine in the heart of Bangkok. With 20 years of experience in the finest restaurants, The chefs at Amritsr Restaurant presents their delicacies to all the guests.

Outdoor Catering is their Specialty. The restaurant is available for private events, business lunches, dinners, cocktail parties etc. We cater to all kind of wedding receptions and much more across Thailand & UAE.

24-hours online food delivery services is available anywhere in the city.




Increase in page IMPRESSION

Daily page impression on all digital platform has been increased from 100 to 20-30K per day.


  • Inspite of social presence lack of engagement
  • Build digital presence for the upcoming new stores


To build brand awareness, visibility & engage audience.


The existing Facebook & Instagram pages were redesigned with food-focused and curated content delivering behind the dishes, kitchen, etc..

Initiated polls & quiz on FB & Instagram stories for both the outlets to target our niche audience.

A content plan was designed and executed to improve the social media reputation increasing interaction with the audience targeting local audiences and interacting with people around Bangkok & Dubai where the restaurant is headquartered.

Joined various FB groups to target Local Thai people for Bangkok outlet & started sharing posts on a regular basis to drive user’s attention on our page organically.

Curated user generated content.

started posting food & restaurant ambience promotion series using raw pictures & video content.

Build & engage people organically with engaging posts like “Catch the Gifs, Solve The Puzzle etc”  to go for Amritsr

How we Engaged audience through instagram stories?

Challenge – Brand awareness, visibility, virality

Strategy – Started running polls & quizzes on FB & Instagram stories for both the outlets to target our niche audience & got a good user’s interaction & engagement organically

Results – More than 48.2% people reached, 500+ unique opens and 200+ engagement on Facebook stories were added. More than 100+ profile visits on Instagram with 200+ reach & impressions on each story.

<b>Increased profile visits by 70%</b> and saw a huge upswing in new followers on Instagram