Connect & Engage with Your Customers with Healthcare Social Media Management

It is common knowledge that social media is an extremely proactive means that every industry can use to reach out to people, manage their reputation, and to establish their brand. If used strategically, social media can take any brand to newer heights.

The same goes for the healthcare industry. Using the power of social media will definitely help grow your healthcare business while making people aware of your facilities in an interactive way.

What are Healthcare Social Media Services?

According to Pew Research, about 74% of people regularly use social media and nearly 50% of them search for health professionals and facilities on various platforms. In the healthcare industry, social media marketing encourages patient engagement with a healthcare brand through various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

About 30% of the potential and current patients will interact with you on social media before they visit or contact you. If your healthcare brand has an active presence online, then you are giving off a message that you are open to engagement with your current and potential clientele.

It also shows that you are aware of the latest developments in the industry and can give sample information about the healthcare industry.

Social media and healthcare is a very strong combination. Social media is not a powerful mode of communication for the millennials, but also the adults. A large amount of the adult population relies on social networks to share and receive healthcare-related information with one another.

Hence it can be rightly said that social media is a major instrument for the healthcare industry to reach out to different groups of people and aware them of everything going on in the healthcare industry.

Navigating social media has its own challenges, particularly for the healthcare industry. Whether you are a healthcare provider, a healthcare professional, an agency, or a brand, you need to provide content to the people that are engaging and that will attract the attention of your targeted audience.

Not only do you have to ensure engagement, but you also have to make sure that your content is informative, accurate, and timely. Above all this, you also have to ensure that you are following all the regulations posed in this industry, and are complying with the rules effortlessly.


Why is Social Media Management so Important in the Healthcare Industry?

People tend to think that the healthcare industry is a serious industry and being on social media can make it seem like a casual affair. But this is absolutely wrong. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that will help you reach out to a varied group of potential clients, engaging them in content which is fun as well as informative.

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If you are wondering why social media management is important in the healthcare industry, then we have brought together a few benefits that might help you understand how social media management can help your healthcare facility:

1) It helps raise awareness: This is one of the most beneficial functions of social media when you use it for the healthcare industry. It raises public awareness about annual or new and emerging healthcare concerns, the latest guidelines, issues, and advisories.

Healthcare facilities are expected to provide accurate information about any development in the medical world. Whether it is information about the common cold or about Ebola or any novel virus, it is the responsibility of all healthcare facilities to provide correct information to the public on all platforms of the media.

Social media tends to be faster than any other mode of communication, making it a powerful tool in the hands of the healthcare industry.

2) It can combat any misinformation: Any information on social media can spread like wildfire. So this is a boon when it comes to spreading correct information to everyone. But when the situation is different and the information being circulated is incorrect, this rapid spread of information can cause confusion and lead to disputes.

At times this misinformation can come in the form of statements that are not true. In such a case, usually citations from credible sources like WHO can easily debunk the misinformation. But sometimes the people creating false statements cite such sources to give the credibility of their statements. Even here, the best way of combating such issues is by citing credible sources and providing everyone with the correct information.

3) It is perfect for crisis communication: It can be rightly said that nowadays, people receive most of their information from social media, rather than from newspapers. This makes social media a very active news breaker, even in the healthcare industry. Even during the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19, social media played a huge part in dispersing information about the novel virus.

Government offices, healthcare facilities, research centers – all turned to social media to help make people aware of the crisis that the whole world was facing. Regular updates of the situation and the various guidelines and restrictions posed to combat the virus reached billions of the world’s population through social media in a matter of minutes. This proves the power that social media has when it comes to combating crisis situations.

Apart from such crucial functions, social media also helps you as a healthcare facility to communicate and connect with the users of social media. You get to answer their queries, you can engage with them, you can inform them about the different facilities that you provide.

In return, your clients and patients can also leave positive reviews, share the information you have given with others thereby bringing in more visitors to your page. In short, with proper social media management, your healthcare brand will be able to reach out to a large number of potential clients and patients.

What do we offer in our Healthcare & Medical Social Media Services?

As a provider of social media marketing services for the healthcare industry, we at Cheenti believe in reaching out to as many people as possible, not only to bring in more patients but to provide them with correct information about healthcare and medicines.

We know that your first priority will be informing the masses with facts, correct news, and advice. We work accordingly to ensure that your social media goals are achieved.

In order to do so, here are some of the services that we offer so that your social media campaign is a hit and is able to reach the maximum number of people:

1) Content creation and marketing: The content on your social media page defines the number of people who will follow your page. In order to make sure that your content is seen and read by all, it needs to be engaging and interesting. We create content for you that is not only engaging but also fun and informative. We then market the content so that it receives maximum views and garners maximum shares.

2) Engagement and brand campaigns: We lay down a social media strategy and decorate it with workable campaigns that engage and pique the interest of the audience. Launching interesting brand campaigns and posting engagement posts accelerate open communication between you and your targeted audience.

3) Analytics and insights: We provide regular insights on how the different campaigns are working for your brand, how the people are responding to it, and how we can improve the social reputation of your brand and help it to grow continuously.
4) Online reputation management: Social media is an open platform where people can easily post anything they feel like. We will help you maintain your online reputation and keep your brand from being perceived negatively for any such post that might cause harm to you.

What Makes Cheenti a Different & Better Healthcare Social Media Agency than Others?

Choosing a healthcare social media agency is not very easy. All the different agencies do wonderful work for their healthcare clients. So a question may come to your mind about what makes Cheenti different from other agencies.

We have the answer to that question. We are sure that you would want to work with an agency that is well aware of the ongoings in the industry and knows how to work while staying within the regulations and has an amazing track record. We can proudly say that we understand your concerns and we are well adept to look into all your healthcare social media requirements.

At Cheenti, we have years of healthcare industry experience. And our experience is one of the first things that guarantees results when working with us. Our team is trained to work as healthcare social media experts. They know all the dos and the don’ts of the industry, they constantly keep themselves updated about all the new developments taking place.

They are experienced in forming and executing strategies that will help your facility grow through the multiplication of patients and visitors. Lastly, we concentrate not only on social media marketing but also focus on social media advertising. Our services help to boost the performance of your healthcare brand through social media marketing services like email marketing and content marketing.



Search Engine Optimization helps to increase the flow of traffic to the website by increasing its visibility in the search engines and boosting the ranks in the search results. This very function of SEO benefits healthcare providers as they target specific audiences who are looking for what the providers have to offer.

According to Google, it takes about 4 months to almost a year to see the results coming in from SEO practice in the healthcare industry. So the earlier you invest in SEO strategies, the sooner you will get the results.

Yes, Healthcare Local SEO is just as important as regular SEO. This is because the people who search for healthcare facilities look for ones that are close to them, or available locally. Hence, local SEO practices for healthcare facilities are very important.

When you are hiring a healthcare SEO agency, check out their website, and see how well experienced they are in the field. Go through their portfolio, reviews written about them, and learn about the agency. Then you can go and have a talk with them and see if the chemistry matches. Ask as many questions as you want before you finalize which agency to hire.