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Smart Strategy

The Healthcare options available to patients have increased dramatically. The availability of so much information online has made it less and less necessary for patients to visit their local hospital or medical practice in search of medical information.

As the healthcare industry grows, the demand for online healthcare services is also steadily increasing. Healthcare companies, hospitals, and doctors who want to reach more people can benefit from the PPC services digital marketing companies provide. PPC for Healthcare Providers can be seen as a catalyst for reaching more customers in a shorter amount of time.

Cheenti offers a full range of digital marketing services, wherein PPC Management remains one of our main specialties. Our experts will help you build an effective PPC campaign that will increase your visibility, generate higher-quality leads, and generate more business without exceeding your budget.

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Get More Patients and Grow Your Practice

Get maximum results from Healthcare PPC services by reaching your target demographic.

Why Choose Paid Advertising?

With SEM ads, you see results immediately. Pay-per-click ads target specific audiences. Then you contact the people you need to contact when and how you need to contact them.

You can achieve these results with Healthcare Paid Advertising:

Why Choose Paid Advertising

The Role of Content Management and SEO for Medical Practices

Together, Healthcare SEO and Content Management make a powerful combination!

Take Advantage of Professional Pay-Per-Click Management Services in Healthcare

Benefits of PPC Services for Medical Practices

Ensure that your facility is the first one they see and the one they choose to step into.

Engage Your Customers

Engage Your Customers

Transform website visitors into patients actively interested in the services you provide.

Targeting Precise Audiences

Targeting precise audiences

Optimize your lead generation strategy to better target qualified leads for your practice.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Ensure your practice is seen as a leader in your industry with rankings.

Boost ROI & Reduce Ad Costs

Boost ROI & Reduce Ad Costs

Invest in advertising in order to earn a higher return with more website traffic.

Providing PPC services to Healthcare Practices

Providing PPC services to Healthcare Practices

Healthcare units and medical facilities can benefit from Cheenti's Online Marketing and Medical PPC services to improve their Digital Marketing efforts and drive highly targeted traffic to their Healthcare websites.

Why Choose Cheenti as your Healthcare PPC Agency

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

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Multichannel Campaigns

multichannel campaigns

Despite the success of paid campaigns, multichannel campaigns are the way to go.

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360 Web Solutions

360 Web Solutions

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Google Ads Certified Experts

Google Ads certified experts

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Get Visibility for Your Next Healthcare Ppc Advertising Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

The healthcare industry has had a boom online with almost 90% of the healthcare searches being online. The internet has offered a new door for healthcare practices, health information, and hospitals to extend their business into. Healthcare PPC or pay-per-click advertising delivers answers to the needs of consumers with search ad clicks.

PPC advertising explores the extremely competitive field of healthcare advertising. It directs the traffic to various websites when the user clicks on their online ads. When a user searches for a keyword that matches the list of keywords of the advertiser, the PPC ad posted by the advertiser with the matching keyword is then displayed.

One advantage of PPC is that you only need to pay for the ad when a user clicks on it to reach your website. Just like the full form of PPC explains, when your target audience selects the ad and clicks for it, only then are you required to pay for it.

This sounds like a very straightforward system, but it is quite a difficult feat for the healthcare industry. Utilizing PPC for the healthcare industry successfully requires careful planning and strategizing.

The most advantageous factor of healthcare PPC ads is that you are paying for actual action and result – a click on your ad. In this, you are not paying for someone who is not interested in your ad or who hasn’t used it.

Even if the audience sees the healthcare PPC ad, you aren’t paying for it, unless they click on it. One of the best ways of navigating through this system is with the help of an experienced healthcare advertising agency.

This is because it is very easy to get misdirected, and all your PPC efforts can get wasted. So pairing up with a renowned agency will help you reap the most results from PPC advertising.
PPC services aim at your targeted audience through their search queries and make your brand and services visible to them easily. More visibility means more leads, more queries about your healthcare facility and services, and more lead conversions to patients. This will not only help your business to grow but will also help you reach out to more and more people.
A top healthcare PPC agency will not work as a PPC agency alone. It will work from the perspective of its client, the healthcare facility for whom it is managing the PPC campaigns. This is the most important quality for any healthcare PPC agency – working from the business owner’s perspective.
When choosing a healthcare PPC agency, check out the following things:
  • Do they have a Google AdWords Certification?
  • Do they offer long term contracts or minimum term contracts so that you can choose the duration with the agency?
  • Do you have the entire ownership of the campaign?
  • Is the agency transparent with its performance metrics?
  • Are they strategists or just account managers?
  • Do they have a proven track record?
Typically you should generate around 1 to 100 leads per month through PPC campaigns, but with proper management and strategies in place can get much more than that. All you need is a good healthcare PPC agency that will help you get the maximum out of your PPC investments.
In order to know what the process is, you need to have a word with the digital marketing agency you are consulting. Every agency has a different process flow that they follow. Discussing it with them will give you the best answer. At Cheenti we provide monthly basis reports of the keyword ranking, traffic and other useful insights.