Increase Enrolment with our Social Media Marketing Services for Educational Institutes

Social media optimization (SMO) is designed to direct traffic from social media sites like bookmarking sites and social networks. Useful SMO drives traffic from both immediate social site referrals and search engines.

Social media is becoming a part of the life of people from all age groups. Thus, it has become not only a source of entertainment but also a source of information. Hence, social media for the educational sector is now actively used to promote their names. 

What are Education Social Media Services?

While talking of educational social media services, it is nothing difficult to understand. The influence of social media is rising day by day. People of all ages are getting addicted to this platform. Considering this platform’s reach, we have come up with the service wherein businesses can tell people about their brand name and create a better spread.

Research has indicated that in recent years social media has penetrated most organizations’ forms. Pedagogy institutions have not been left behind too and are adopters of this global phenomenon. Social media takes many ways like social networking sites, blogs, vlogs, instant messaging, and virtual communities. Facebook’s social networking site appears to emerge as a winner predominantly due to its sizable number of members. Facebook allows its members to make and share content, build relationships, and enable collaboration and connectivity no matter the geographical location. 


The quick rise of social media provides abundant potentials for higher education institutions to adopt it to further their learning and teaching endeavors. The universality and extraordinarily high uptake of social media make it fit for administrators, managers, learners, and teaching institutions.

The effectiveness of social media has also exhibited enhanced teacher-student and student-student communication. With social media, students also become adept at the employment of online technologies in learning environments. Studies have shown that social media engaging in higher education has improved education, improved cooperation and commitment, renewed content dissemination, and improved pedagogy and data sharing.

Apart from social media employment for learning and teaching, it’s also getting used for creating awareness and advertising. Social media provides an ideal platform to focus on new courses, research and teaching staff, and campus facilities in a trial to draw in more students.

Benefits of SEO for Education Websites

When we talk about the benefits of SEO for education websites, they are manifold. SEO helps to generate leads. With more leads, you have the opportunity to reach out to more and more people. You gain more visitors to your website. The visitors are your potential students who will interact with the content they find on your website. This means that optimizing your SEO campaigns will not only generate more leads but will also help you plan your next marketing moves for your institution, be it online or offline.

SEO will help you reach out to the real students who are actually interested in the courses that your institution has to offer. It will help you reach the students who are actually interested in your school and your programs. 

One major benefit that SEO has over any other marketing strategy is that SEO doesn’t cost you anything. The entire result is organic. You don’t have to pay for ads. Paid ads come with a timeline. As long as you are willing to pay money, the ads will be visible. But in the case of SEO, as long as you are optimizing your SEO strategy properly and effectively and remain in the top ranks of search engine result pages, you will keep getting the outcome.

Why should you pick Social Media Services for Educational Institutes?

One of the largest Social Networking sites existing today was started for networking in schools/colleges and to permit the scholars to share content and confine touch. Now that we have numerous new social networking sites, social media for educational institutes. Like several other industries, the Educational Sector has many hidden potentials to appreciate in using Social Media.

We understand what the precise requirements of our customers are. We intend to render the most prominent education social media services

Search ads appear at the top and bottom of the hunt results on Google. 

Display ads are other PPC ad types you can use to influence people interested in your business. 

Google shopping ads are a type of paid advertising your organization can use to help leads find your product.

Local service ads are one of the most particular types of paid advertising. 

General Outreach:  With most student crowds present on Social Media, it provides Schools/Colleges a platform to push activities, receive feedback, and begin conversations. It provides a much better thanks to connecting with parents and the community and keeps them up-to-date. This can be a useful tool for Alumni Engagement. Thus, Connecting Students, Teachers, Parents, Alumni, and other stakeholders, social media plays an essential medium of communication.

Better Community Engagement: An excellent tool to achieve bent potential students by addressing them on micro-blogging sites to giving them 360⁰ virtual tours of campus and facilities will generate more interest groups. Again, by advertising on this medium in specific demographics, it’s easy to focus on the right crowd. Therefore, reaching intent on more people/potential students is now easier and faster.

Classroom Sharing: Classroom announcements and discussions may be carried forward to micro-blogging sites, where more interaction can occur. The scholars can get connected with the institution and school in a far better way.

Promoting School/College Pride: Creating a mascot to interact and encourage school spirit, the scholars would like to talk/tweet/like about things happening in their college, making them proud to be a part of it. Annual Fest, Sports Day, or any event can help the student attach to and promote the college spirit.

We prepare a measurement and analytics report – We will provide you with revenue attributions and monthly reports that are transparent and easy to understand. The reports will contain the information on the status and the results of the education SEO campaigns implemented for your education brand. They will also let you know what the next steps and expected results will be. We will also monitor the analytics on a regular basis to keep an eye on the anomalies, penalties, hacks, or any other issue that might come up.

Professional Development: Again, an opportunity to network with different industry experts and colleges of various institutions, social media can provide far better industry exposure to institutions trying to find one.

Our Clients

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What we offer in our Education Social Media Services?

We are a brand with smart minds working to serve our clients’ best education social media marketing. Our team critically analyzes the demands put forward by the clients and then draws a plan to execute them. We run various social media campaigns to highlight the bests of the clients. 

We create various education social media groups where the institutions can create a strong alumni base. The current students can connect, and the name is highlighted for future students. We work on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and Instagram. 

Experts in our education social media company are trying to stick to the platform’s specifications. Moreover, we create and post strictly audience-specific content. Experts at Cheenti aim at creating brand awareness by highlighting the name of the institution among the targeted audience. 

We keep track of social media for education websites and implement various strategies to regularize the activities. Furthermore, we use smart social media analytics to keep track of the activities we are performing. We also take care that our tasks are not repeated to save the maximum resources.

We at Cheenti always satisfy the high standards set by our clients. The team at Cheenti has years in different domains like content, SEO, SMO, etc. We never fail to meet our deadlines, and hence, we master at utilizing the resources like time and money effectively and efficiently. 

We have been serving for years and have never negatively remarked on the patterns we follow to execute our plans. Thus, we can be called the perfect choice for the firms looking for the best education social media company. We have continued to maintain consistency in the quality of our services successfully.  

The brand, Cheenti, has vast experience in the domain of e-commerce social media marketing and assisted many clients in taking flight in their domains. Special highlights of the services rendered by the brand are:

Develop Brand Awareness and Multiplying Followers – Helping your followers on social networks will facilitate your increased word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services will facilitate your increase of followers with relevant people. We are going to make sure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviours of your typical customers.

Build Relationships and Create Engagement   – When you build a powerful connection through engagement together with your audience; they are more likely to shop from you. We are going to facilitate your increased engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts. The more engagement you have got, the stronger your connection is along with your audience.

Increasing Website Exposure and Boost Traffic & Conversions   – Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. That is why this service is best paired with our social media advertising services, where we specialize in developing social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website. to extend conversions, we are able to add-on retargeting social ads to remain before recent website visitors.

Thus, it is never too late to upgrade yourself and opt for social media for e-commerce websites. But it is only possible when you choose to work with a smart brand like Cheenti.

Why Choose Cheenti as the Education Social Media Agency for your educational websites?

Many agencies are working out there who render education smo services, so why should you go for Cheenti? A relevant question and we would answer it in the simplest terms. What do you search for in the best service provider?

 Your education social media agency must be a pool of professionals who understand what you need and render better than your expectations.

 Your service provider must be an industry expert who understands the market and knows how to adapt to those changes.

 The agency should effectively work on social media for educational websites for better reach to your desired clients.

 Your service provider must guide you in targeting the right audience and have the best workable plans to convert maximum leads.

 The agency you choose to work with must be confident enough to share all the details of the work they are carrying out to meet your target.

Bingo! You get all the perks mentioned above when you choose Cheenti as your smart partner and companion for your business’s better future. We work with the sole motto of giving our clientele the highest degrees of satisfaction. Our team is interactive and active to communicate daily with the clients.


Custom Data-Driven Ads:

Researching keywords to discover what and how your patrons are seeking your services

We create ad copies and creatives for high-performing ads

Split-testing ad copy and creatives

Administering emulator analysis on ad copy and creatives

PPC AD Tracking and Analytics:

Tracking average ad positions by campaign

Tracking click-through rate

Tracking and optimizing cost per click

Tracking leads, calls, and sales

Attributing revenue to each paid campaign

Social Media Optimization
web development

PPC Campaign Management:

Managing and tweaking proposals for each drive

Monitoring keyword exploration queries and adjusting bidding

Monitoring the mediocre position, click-through rate, and cost per click

And more optimizations for campaign promotion

Paid Search Campaigns:

Paid ads that target users based on their inquiries in search engines

PPC-ad-specific landing page optimizations

Coordinated paid search and SEO campaigns

Display commercial campaigns

Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns

Email Marketing
online reputation management

PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms:

Google Ads drive administration

Google Local Services ads supervision

Nextdoor promotion

Thus, we keep our standards high, and we come to be known as the best performing e-commerce PPC company in the entire country. Our clients know us for the promises we make and spirit with which we keep them up. 

We understand the importance of e-commerce PPC for satisfactory performance of the businesses and growth. 

What Makes Cheenti a Different & Better E-Commerce Social Media Agency than Others?

Each e-commerce social media agency in the market out there is unique in its own way. They all claim to be the best service provider offering services in the same domain.

Then what makes Cheenti the best provider of e-commerce SMO services? If we go by the generic definitions and norms, a good agency must fulfil certain criteria for being the star. Do all the competitors are perfect then? 

This is where you feel a difference between Cheenti and other brand names claiming to render top-quality services to their clients. The name Cheenti was finalized, keeping in mind the hard work an ant does to create an anthill and collect food. Moreover, a special part of an ant family is everyone likes to work in a team; understanding each individual has a special role to play.

Cheenti follows the same concept. Professionals at Cheenti are dedicated towards the roles they are assigned to and take responsibility for the same. The team understands the needs and demands of the client and plans and executes their tasks in accordance with the same. 

However, the team believes in maintaining the transparency of work and at the same time, giving assurance of keeping high standards of quality.


Why You Should Choose Cheenti Over Other E-Commerce PPC Agencies?

There might be many companies out there in the market claiming to be the best. Would you believe all of them and make decisions after experiencing something terrible? We suppose your answer is going to be no. Then how would you make the excellent e-commerce PPC agencies out there?  

Let us pull you out of such struggles. We want to outline a few specialties of Cheenti which will make you think, why didn’t I come across this team earlier!

Cheenti is a family of professionals who have years of experience in their specific domains.

Cheenti is a name that is known for working hard and making up to decided targets effectively and efficiently, by its clients. 

The team at Cheenti is wise and believes in transparency between its clients and the work which is in progress. 

The team at Cheenti is aggressively result-oriented for at the end of the day it is the work done which will be valued and which will create value. 

Where else to go when you can get everything you need on a single platform! We at Cheenti value your money and time and always take pride in serving you with the best of all. Thus, we are the best choice for e-commerce PPC for your business. 

Email Marketing


Search for an education social media agency that provides you with the below-mentioned advantages:


  • Gives you a user-generated content advantage
  • Creates social media groups
  • Remains platform-specific
  • Posts audience-specific content
  • Go live!
  • Share instances via Stories
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Uses smart social media analytics

Social media and technology are integral parts of life. Integrating the utilization of those into the classroom is more natural than before, given how acclimated many students are to them.


Social media for education business provides a smoother, more direct communication tool between students, teachers, and fogeys, who can sign on and ask or reply to questions.

Yes, be it a renowned brand or a new start-up, it is always smart to go for social media marketing services. When educational institutions opt for social media, they open arms to new opportunities that the new scenarios offer. There is a chance to multiply your alumni base when you make your services visible on social media platforms. 

Most studies agree that when per day is perfect, with a maximum of two posts per day.

Hubspot found that pages under 10,000 fans encountered a 50% drop by commitment per post if posted over once per day. At a minimum, as per our education social media services, we would post to your Facebook Pages three times a week.

With PPC Service Reach to More Patients Who are in Need of Healthcare Service

You might be wondering whether PPC advertising is going to be an effective digital marketing solution. The answer to this question depends on how well you are able to utilize PPC advertising as your digital marketing solution.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, PPC might end up being extremely expensive while garnering very little results. This will make the whole campaign ineffective. However, if you ensure proper management, then your PPC campaign will open newer doors for your healthcare facility.

Wondering what will be the benefit of PPC with proper management? We have listed down a few of the advantages:

1. You will be able to target your audience:

Traditional advertising methods are for the general audience. Be it television, print, or radio ads, targeting a specific group is very difficult, and the audience is more generalized. Most of the time, you might end up advertising to people who have no interest in your healthcare facilities.

PPC is the exact opposite of traditional marketing methods. It specifically targets the audience who will be interested in your healthcare facility and services.

It is a highly targeted marketing method and helps you reach directly to your desired audience. Because they are paid ads, they precisely target only the potential patients who are actively searching for the services that your healthcare facility is offering.

2. PPC offers quick results:

Be it healthcare organizations or not, website traffic is the main aim for every enterprise online. Online traffic is mostly received from organic, non-paid sources. But organic optimization might take a lot of time to garner the desired results.

PPC, on the other hand, provides quick results that are almost instantaneous. The steps are also very simple, the major ones being – you need to set up an account, set a few keywords and parameters, write down your ad copies, etc. And your PPC campaign is thus launched, getting instant results from day one. Your ads will be displayed either on top of the search page or at the end of it, reaching out to potential patients.

3. You will have total control over the spending:

In the healthcare and medical industry, a lot can be achieved through PPC campaigns without spending too much money. This is because PPC advertising gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to budget spending.

Because you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad, it becomes easier for you to control your monthly budget. Your set budget for the month does not need one month to be used effectively. It can also be used within the first week, bringing in optimum results.

4. You can make real-time adjustments:

Apart from being flexible, PPC is also very versatile. It gives you the opportunity to experiment and fine-tune the PPC parameters, even if the campaign is live. You can also make adjustments in order to correct any mistakes that you might have missed out on previously.

You can disable keywords or run them, you can edit your ad copies, you can increase your spendings – with PPC, you have a lot of options in hand.