Trusted SEO for Educational Institutions

Cheenti provides the highest quality of SEO services and results at an affordable price.

Trusted SEO for Educational Institutions

Cheenti provides the highest quality of SEO services and results at an affordable price.

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Increase Enrollments with our Education SEO Services

Increase Enrollments with our Education SEO Services

Boost the growth of your institute or school with SEO services from Cheenti as you increase your Student Volume with a Specialized Higher Education SEO Marketing Agency.

Developing a country is impossible without adequate education. Hence, reaching out to the students is of utmost importance.

The internet is a resource students turn to when they need information. This means that being visible on the web will be your best bet to reach them. With a stellar marketing approach, you can appear among the top search results of any search engine. This is where proper search engine optimization strategies come into play!

We’ll Help You Ace The Search Engine Rankings For Your Institution

Our comprehensive range of services

Improved Keyword

Improved Keyword

Extensive and in-depth keyword research to produce SEO-friendly content assets.

Managing A website

Managing a

Writing well-written, on-point content helps improve search rankings, along with regular audits that address any shortcomings

Plans For custume seo

Plans for
custom SEO

With all SEO elements working together, we create a custom strategy to maximize the brand visibility

Monitoring and
to improve

Constantly monitor the performance of online campaigns and look for areas for improvement


Identify your competitors and know where you stand against them both locally and globally.

Off-Page and
On-Page Services

Analyzing and optimizing web pages to increase their visibility per latest SEO trends.

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Accelerate your growth With Education SEO

Grow your student base with higher learning marketing solutions.
Gain Student

Gain Student

Increasing your visibility online is great, but what matters most are the relationships you build. We consider

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Google's #1 spot in
the SERPs

Let's make sure students can easily find your university on Google since you spent a lot of time and money

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Gain An Edge In

Gain an edge in
your business

As with building up a school's faculty and curriculum, building up your website and student base also takes work. Our

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Boost Your visibility With SEO for Higher Education


Searches Have Become An Important Aspect Of Every Decision In The Education Sector.

When we talk about the benefits of SEO for education websites, they are manifold.

As long as you optimize your SEO strategy properly and effectively and remain in the top ranks of search engine result pages, you will keep getting the outcome.

Getting to Know Our Clients and Helping Their Business Soar Is Our Passion!

Why Choose Cheenti as your Education SEO Agency


We will provide you with revenue attributions and monthly reports that are

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Competitive Digital Analysis

Competitive digital analysis

To help you understand where your educational body is positioned in the market,

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Unique And Engaging Content

Unique and engaging content

Be it education or any other industry you need to make your website look good to

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Responsive Approach

Responsive approach

This involves monitoring keyword rankings, organic traffic, leads, as well as calls.
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More Leads, More Traffic, More Success!

A powerful SEO strategy increases organic visibility, traffic, and conversions through a comprehensive approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO professionals will tell you that it takes about 4 to 6 months before you see the positive results of SEO coming up. This is more or less accurate, and as time goes by, the results become better and grow consistently. This means that the results you get after 12 months will be much greater than the results you get after the initial 6 months.
Hiring an education SEO agency guarantees results. So when you are paying for their SEO services, you might have to invest anywhere between Rs. 6K to Rs 25000 a month. Depending on the type of agency that you hire and the type of results that they deliver, your expense behind SEO might go up or down. But all we can say is that these expenses are worth it as you will definitely receive positive results.
A lot of times people think that as long as my website looks appealing, and is getting visitors, it is fine. But if your visitors are not turning into leads, and not bringing in the desired result or business, then your SEO efforts might be going to waste. In order to make sure that your SEO efforts don’t go in vain, you need professionals who are well aware of the different processes through which they can optimize your website, making it more SEO friendly. This is why hiring education SEO agencies is advisable.