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When we think of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we tend to think that it pertains to only brand websites. But the truth is that Search Engine Optimization is required in all the different industries, even in E-Commerce. SEO is critically necessary for the e-commerce industry. You need the products on your website to rank higher than your competitors. Your products need to be displayed properly on the search engines to attract potential customers who are looking for your products. 

What is E-commerce SEO Services?

Are your products not as visible on the various search engines as the products on your competitors’ websites? Do you want to be at the top of the competition, attracting more customers to your website? While your competitors will always be in the scenario, you can always increase your online visibility and your reach through our E-commerce SEO services.

Most shoppers spend a lot of time researching the product they want to buy. Your e-commerce website needs to show up in their search results when they are doing their own personal product research. That span of time that they spend on reviewing and finding information is the window of opportunity for your e-commerce website. If you don’t show up during that time, then you will cease to exist for these potential customers. 

We at Cheenti believe in taking a very data-driven approach when it comes to search engine optimization. We customize our strategies according to what will bring better results for your website. We help you to define your audience and analyze the buyer’s cycle of your potential clients. We get an understanding of your company goals and also figure out and work according to the biggest obstacles that you might face. 

How SEO is Helpful for Ecommerce Websites?

You might be wondering how search engine optimization will be helpful for your e-commerce website. We are here to explain that to you. Just like any website, you would also want the following things:


To get higher ranks on search engines


To get more website traffic


To make more sales

Proper e-commerce practices will help you achieve all these. They will help you reach higher ranks in the search results. If your pages are properly optimized then that will help you to reach out to potential customers while providing them with the best buying solutions. Optimizing your e-commerce website will attract an inexpensive source of high converting organic traffic to your web pages.

In 2017, SEMrush conducted a study on how e-commerce companies are able to drive traffic to their website. In this study, it was conferred that 38% of the traffic coming to retailer sites or e-commerce sites comes from organic searches. This means that through search engine optimization of your e-commerce website, you will be visible to your targeted audience, and convert your leads into sales.

In another study where it examined 13 e-commerce verticals, SEMrush found that 5 out of the 13 verticals were dominated by organic searches. These 5 verticals were books, home & garden, furniture, electronics, and music. The study also stated that 80% of all the traffic received in all the 13 verticals was garnered from organic and direct leads. 

So to attract traffic to e-commerce websites, you need to write vivid and thorough product descriptions with beautifully captured product photographs that will catch the eye of the visitors, along with numerous reviews that will help them decide on the products.

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What do we offer in our Ecommerce SEO Services?

The key objective of e-commerce websites is to be able to make sales. We understand the importance of the goal and we ensure you that through proper SEO optimization, you website will be able to reach the top ranks on search results, reaching out to a greater number of people, and convert leads into sales. Hence it is important to have good, workable, and well-planned e-commerce SEO strategies in place. We analyse your company’s performance according to the rankings in the search results to offer and execute strategies that will help you reach the top. Some of the services that we provide as a part of our SEO services are as given below:

We provide a competitive digital analysis To help you understand where your e-commerce brand is positioned in the market, we provide you with a complete analysis that helps you know the areas online that will require work and strategic planning. Through the analysis, you will be able to create actionable goals and corresponding SEO strategies.

We optimize the content on the website  – The easiest way to improve the ranking of your e-commerce website is by optimizing your website content. To keep your website structure in line with the prevalent SEO practices, the website codes are also edited. We ensure the optimal experience for the customers through conversion rate optimization on all the design elements of the website.

We create new content and creatives for the website   – Be it e-commerce or any other industry you need to make your website look good to attract attention. We publish vivid and well-written product descriptions, aesthetically pleasing photographs to improve the search rankings of your e-commerce website. We also optimize the content for voice search and other digital assistants.

 We manage local citations   – We locate, monitor, and manage the local citations across the directories. We also backlink opportunities in order to build authority with proper SEO practices.

We prepare a measurement and analytics report :We will provide you with revenue attributions and monthly reports that are transparent and easy to understand. The reports will contain the information on the status and the results of the e-commerce SEO campaigns implemented for your e-commerce brand. They will also let you know what the next steps and expected results will be. We will also monitor the analytics on a regular basis to keep an eye on the anomalies, penalties, hacks, or any other issue that might come up.

We will track and edit your SEO campaign as and when required:This involves monitoring keyword rankings, organic traffic, leads, as well as calls. We also check the keyword rankings of your competitors, and keep optimizing your campaigns regularly for better results. 


Why Choose Cheenti as your Ecommerce SEO Company?

We believe in reaching out to the maximum number of people through hard work and well-thought strategies. For an e-commerce brand, the most important aim is to be able to broadcast your products to the highest number of people possible. Every search for the product conducted counts as the invitation for a potential customer to your website. Hence it is very important that your e-commerce website is properly optimized and has the ability to attract the customers immediately. This is only possible through higher ranks on the search results, and we at Cheenti do not stop at anything to give you the highest rank possible on any search engine. We are dedicated, data-driven, diligent, and we believe in dominating the search results.

Cheenti comes with years of experience that helps us offer you the best strategies and plans to optimize your e-commerce website, reach the top ranks in the search results, attract traffic to your website, and garner valuable leads to turn to sales. Our team comprises of experienced and seasoned professionals who are always updated and aware of the newest advancements in the SEO policies. We are always navigating through these policies so that we can bring out the best e-commerce search engine optimization plans to boost the ranks of your websites online. With Cheenti by your side, you will definitely be able to reap the fruits of SEO while reaching out to the maximum. If you need assistance with the whole process, we can help explain it to you. Get in touch with us and we will take you along the process of search engine optimization for your e-commerce brand. 


Just as the term states, e-commerce search engine optimization is for the various e-commerce websites of the different brands available online. The best e-commerce platforms for SEO would be the following platforms:

  • BigCommerce
  •  Shopify
  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • Squarespace
  • WooCommerce

SEO professionals will tell you that it takes about 4 to 6 months before you see the positive results of SEO coming up. This is more or less accurate, and as time goes by, the results become better and grow consistently. This means that the results you get after 12 months will be much greater than the results you get after the initial 6 months.

Hiring an e-commerce SEO agency guarantees results. So when you are paying for their SEO services, you might have to invest anywhere between Rs. 6K to Rs 25000 a month. Depending on the type of agency that you hire and the type of results that they deliver, your expense behind SEO might go up or down. But all we can say is that these expenses are worth it as you will definitely receive positive results.

When you are hiring an ecommerce SEO agency, the first thing you should do is check out their website, and see how well experienced they are in the field. Go through their portfolio, check out the reviews written about them, and learn about the agency. Then you can go and have a talk with them and ask as many questions as you want before you finalize which agency to hire. 

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With PPC Service Reach to More Patients Who are in Need of Healthcare Service

You might be wondering whether PPC advertising is going to be an effective digital marketing solution. The answer to this question depends on how well you are able to utilize PPC advertising as your digital marketing solution.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, PPC might end up being extremely expensive while garnering very little results. This will make the whole campaign ineffective. However, if you ensure proper management, then your PPC campaign will open newer doors for your healthcare facility.

Wondering what will be the benefit of PPC with proper management? We have listed down a few of the advantages:

1. You will be able to target your audience:

Traditional advertising methods are for the general audience. Be it television, print, or radio ads, targeting a specific group is very difficult, and the audience is more generalized. Most of the time, you might end up advertising to people who have no interest in your healthcare facilities.

PPC is the exact opposite of traditional marketing methods. It specifically targets the audience who will be interested in your healthcare facility and services.

It is a highly targeted marketing method and helps you reach directly to your desired audience. Because they are paid ads, they precisely target only the potential patients who are actively searching for the services that your healthcare facility is offering.

2. PPC offers quick results:

Be it healthcare organizations or not, website traffic is the main aim for every enterprise online. Online traffic is mostly received from organic, non-paid sources. But organic optimization might take a lot of time to garner the desired results.

PPC, on the other hand, provides quick results that are almost instantaneous. The steps are also very simple, the major ones being – you need to set up an account, set a few keywords and parameters, write down your ad copies, etc. And your PPC campaign is thus launched, getting instant results from day one. Your ads will be displayed either on top of the search page or at the end of it, reaching out to potential patients.

3. You will have total control over the spending:

In the healthcare and medical industry, a lot can be achieved through PPC campaigns without spending too much money. This is because PPC advertising gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to budget spending.

Because you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad, it becomes easier for you to control your monthly budget. Your set budget for the month does not need one month to be used effectively. It can also be used within the first week, bringing in optimum results.

4. You can make real-time adjustments:

Apart from being flexible, PPC is also very versatile. It gives you the opportunity to experiment and fine-tune the PPC parameters, even if the campaign is live. You can also make adjustments in order to correct any mistakes that you might have missed out on previously.

You can disable keywords or run them, you can edit your ad copies, you can increase your spendings – with PPC, you have a lot of options in hand.