Case Study SPRINGWEL Dec 2019 About The Company Springwel is market leader mattress brand in India. They have more than 30 stores all over India. They are also selling it online.These mattresses are available at leading showrooms, all over India, which has been possible due to an ever increasing and satisfied base of customers. Due… Continue reading SPRINGWEL PPC


Case Study THE AMRITSR RESTAURANT August 2019 About The Company A fine dine-in restaurant serving Authentic Indian Cuisine in the heart of Bangkok. With 20 years of experience in the finest restaurants, The chefs at Amritsr Restaurant presents their delicacies to all the guests.Outdoor Catering is their Specialty. The restaurant is available for private events,… Continue reading AMRITSR RESTAURANT PPC


Case Study HALDIRAM May 2020 About The Company Haldiram is a worldwide famous Indian brand that has a trust of 80+ years. It’ s one of the most recognized Indian brand Globally. Besides sweets and snacks, it covers a wide range of mouth watering vegetarian frozen ready to cook foods all over the world.Haldiram Frozen… Continue reading HALDIRAM PPC

Iskcon Dwarka PPC

Case Study ISKCON DWARKA Springwel saw 75% growth in social engagement, reached more than 10M users & doubled the brand’s follower count July 2021 About The Company ISKCON is better recognized as a monotheistic subdivision of the famous Gaudiya Vaishnava religious tradition. Mainly, ISKCON believes in the teaching of Lord Krishna. ISKCON Dwarka is the… Continue reading Iskcon Dwarka PPC

Taf Wellness PPC

Case Study TAF WELLNESS Feb 2019 About The Company TAF Wellness Center is a destination for holistic transformation rather than just a venue to do your exercise. TAF follows a comprehensive and highly customized approach to weight loss rather than radically changing your path or starving you to achieve your goals.TAF follows holistic approach to… Continue reading Taf Wellness PPC

Symbiosis Coaching PPC

Case Study SYMBIOSIS COACHING July 2014 About The Company Symbiosis Coaching provides Certified Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified NLP Coach Practitioner or the Certified Master Spirit Life Coach program accredited by both the International Coach Federation and the Certified Coaches Alliance. Our course content covers the 11 Core Coaching Competencies, our instructors are highly… Continue reading Symbiosis Coaching PPC